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Bush to Congress: Stop me if you can

By Daniel M Pourkesali, Virginia (Source: CASMII)

Last night's Scott Pelley interview with President Bush on CBS's 60 Minutes [1] was by far the most revealing look at the mental state of the American president when he claimed to be forging ahead with deployment of thousands of additional troops to Iraq despite fierce public and congressional opposition by stating:

"I fully understand they­ could try to stop me from doing it. But ­ I made my decision, and we're going forward".

Well, we may have ridden Iraq of their dictator, but America seems to have acquired a dreadful one of its own. What is most alarming and indeed nearly unprecedented in the short history of the United States, is the total disregard by this President for the very Doctrine of Limited Government.  After watching and studying the rise and fall of many tyrannical systems throughout Europe and Asia, framers of the U.S. Constitution believed that it was absolutely essential for each branch of government to serve as a check on others in order to prevent the formation of an autocratic and oppressive regime.  

We now have in Mr. Bush a chief executive that has bestowed upon himself the power to circumvent every domestic or international law and convention, in order to implement a dangerous and catastrophic ideology with serious and detrimental global repricutions. 

Oblivious to loss of two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he now appears poised to start another with Iran and Syria for the lack of 'no better plan' offered by others including the Iraq Study Group, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Iraqi government and numerous others who did not offer the illusion of a military victory.  

It is said that diplomacy is a skill most commonly attributed to and a pre-requisite of a good politician especially the head of state. A capacity to evolve and generate key relationships and conversations in order to create consensus and agreements; diplomacy requires understanding, listening, anticipating needs, and solving problems through negotiation.  It also requires a desire to see things from different perspectives, and learn the nature of the topic and subject as thoroughly as possible.

Judging from Mr. Bush's interview last night and his performance as commander-in-chief in the past 6 years, America has now come full circle to having installed its own tyrant who took this nation to a war over phantom weapons of mass destruction. More than 655,000 Iraqis and 3000+ Americans have lost their lives over that lie. Now he wants to commit 21,500 more troops and billions of additional dollars in order to escalate the war into Iran and Syria with the potential of slaughtering millions more innocent people and bring additional devastation to a region already in chaos due to implementation of those calamitous neo-con ideologies.

Join United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) [2], Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) [3], and other anti-war groups who have called for a national demonstration on January 27 th to oppose Mr. Bush's plans for escalating this war and to call for the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. from the region.

About the author: Daniel M Pourkesali is a U.S. board member of Campaign Iran (CASMII)











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