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President Bush's "troop surge" in Iraq

By Hossein Sharifi


I saw a broken, failed, and defeated commander-in-chief on Wednesday night on TV


I saw President Bush’s “troop surge” speech in Iraq on Wednesday January 11, 2007 on the television. I carefully watched his moves and gestures and listened to his half an hour address to the American people. I really was shocked at the end. I had never seen President Bush in such a pathetic and miserable state. There are reports in medical journals that he has been taking tranquilizers during the day and sleeping pills at night over the last few months. I told my wife perhaps he has missed a few pills, but later I thought it must be more than that. When CNN showed clips of his previous speeches over the last few years promising winning, accomplishment, democracy, and freedom for Iraqis, I saw how the pressure of the job has aged him. But there was a striking difference between George W. Bush on December 3rd 2006 and January 11. There were more wrinkles in his forehead and his hairs were all grey. Over 5 weeks he had aged like ten years. His speech was hesitant, he stuttered a few times and on a signal from his advisor behind the camera to smile he did a forced smile and that was so pathetic that they decided not to ask him to do it again and left him to read his ever so practiced speech from the electronic monitor. The whole speech was very tense. This was not the George Bush on the deck of battle ship after piloting a jet. He was a broken, failed, and defeated commander-in-chief begging his people to give him time, money, and troops and a promising victory in the future. It showed that the burden of more than three thousand US military personnel and about 650,000 Iraqis on his shoulder. He was aware that this “troop surge” will definitely increase these numbers sharply.  



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At the same time he was blaming Iran and Iraq for his failure in Iraq. US troops under his command attacked Iranian consulate in Erbil, Iraq, kidnapped five Iranian diplomats and took them and all documents in the consulate with them. That was unprecedented in the diplomatic world. You might say that the Iranians did the same thing a few decades ago to American diplomats in Tehran. Of course they did, but they were not the Iranian government and they were not military force and it was not planned. They were bunch of fundamentalist student who entered the US embassy and kept the diplomats there for months as hostages before Khomeini approved them. From this speech I sensed that US has already lost the war in Iraq, no matter what the commander-in-chief’s promises are. I am sensing that he is under immense pressure from Ehud Olmert to attack Iran and Syria. Olmert was the only foreign head of the state that visited him 5 days after November election and brought him a new agenda and a new demand regarding Syria and Iran. Those who want to bring back our troops from Iraq should send a copy of this film to US military and their families and tell them watch it again and again. Tell them stop fighting this nonsense religious war which George Bush brought to Iraqis. Refuse to fight. Refuse to send your loved ones to Iraq. Get the troops out of Iraq right now. No war with Iran. No war with Syria. Terrorists who blew world tower all came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirate. Their leaders are in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Go and clean those mountains. Leave Iraqis to themselves.


About the author: Hossein Sharifi is a journalist living in United States.


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