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2nd national fashion show opens in Tehran


Tehran, Jan 18, IRNA-The second national fashion show of Islamic and Iranian women's clothes opened at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) in Tehran on Wednesday.

The fashion show opened simultaneous with the inauguration of the permanent secretariat for the `Festival of My Homeland's Women' in the presence of the governor general of Tehran province, Kamran Daneshjou.

The first `Festival of My Homeland's Women' was held in Tehran in early summer of 2006.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Daneshjou said that women are entitled to diversity of clothes, adding that observing the relevant (Islamic) codes is the right of the community and necessary for cultural identity.

"Just as men have the freedom to choose various colors and designs, women should also have the option to select their favorite clothes according to Islamic codes.

"Using lively colors in designing clothes is not contradictory to legitimate Islamic codes, given that no particular color has been indicated by such codes," he added.

The official said that Iranian designs not only suit the taste of Muslim Iranian women, but they can also appeal to all women across the world.

Turning to the fact that the young generation is modernist and looking for changes, he said that responding to the needs of youth and presenting proper models in social and cultural fields to safeguard the Islamic and Iranian cultural identity is a duty.

"If proper cultural models are not presented, the youth will rather imitate Western models," he added.

Daneshjou also declared that the international festival of Muslim states women's clothes will be held in Tehran next year.

The ongoing fashion show will continue up to January 20.

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