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Arman Yaghoubpour: A promising painter

7/3/07 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Arman Yaghoubpour is a young artist who is heading towards the path of becoming quite a minimalist artist. Recently he had an exhibition at the Banafshe gallery which is managed by Mrs Elahe Raeesdana, herself a very good painter. This gallery has always supported many known and unknown artists to stage their work.

This was Mr Yaghoubpour's second exhibition at Banafshe in less than two years. There is something simple yet most intense about his paintings. When I called him to have a chat he told me that his last two exhibitions are the result of four years that he has spent in Neyshabur, a city near Mashhad. Neyshabur is on the edge of a desert, and so he had imagined it to be very dry and it was such a pleasant surprise to him that the nature around there was so green and beautiful. Omar Khayyam's tomb is in Neyshabur.

Arman Yaghoubpour

Arman Yaghoubpour has studied painting and is currently a professor and the education vice-president in the faculty of art at Ferdousi University in Mashhad. He started to paint when he was a boy. In his early days he was taught by a master, the famous Iranian painter Mr. Ahmad Vakili.

In his work he is impressed most by the works of Rothko and Morandi the 19th century Italian portrait painter, and he found the contrast of their works interesting. One can certainly see the influence of Rothko in some of his works. He said that loves to teach especially history of art and criticism and analysis of works. One of his favorite classes is also paint workshops.

During our talk, I learned that he does not paint for any reason except that it brings him peace, and he looks at painting as a language which expresses an idea without words.

He told me that he one of his favorite films is Blue by Keislowski; he does not care much for sports. He is married with a young son and they now live between Mashhad and Neyshabur. I wish him great success and look forward to his next exhibition. Here we have a few samples of his latest works to share with you.

The Banafshe Gallery is at Mollasadra, Shiraz Jonoubi, Bahar Alley no 50, and Telephone 88034247

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