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Ahoo Hamedi - A gentle and firm young painter


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


The first time I came across Ahoo Hamedi’s work was when I was at a friend’s gallery and I saw some works had been wrapped up, and I was told that they were on their way to Europe. I found them interesting so when I heard that she had an exhibition at the Homa Gallery we made sure to go there.



We arrived only about a couple of hours after the opening, and half of the works had already been sold; but we managed to find one that we liked to add to our collection.  She portrays part of the reality that she experiences in a very firm yet gentle and delicate way.  Some may not find some of her works beautiful but they are for sure interesting and speak of a life and feeling that many outsiders may not be aware of; and this may explain why her work is attractive to many Iranian expatriates.  I found her, like most of the characters in her painting, alive and strong, such that they would have a life despite what they may encounter.



At the opening, Ahoo was very busy so we managed to have a chat with her a few days ago when we went to pick up our painting.   She told me that she has been painting since childhood and when I asked her why she chooses watercolors, she said because “it is free, flowing and easy.”  I could understand the first two but water color is anything but easy to use unless you are very careful and calm and gentle; but these qualities I found in Ahoo Hamedi.



Her aim for painting is to enjoy it, and her goal in life is to be happy and to love and enjoy her life.  She has had three exhibitions but her show at Homa gallery was the first solo one.



She was born in September 1981, is single and has one brother.  Her parents are professionals and she has enjoyed the guidance of masters such as Mr Karim Nassar and Mr Amamehpich at Azad University.



She is one of many young artists that along with her compatriots bring a lot of joy and hope to me and I am sure she and many of these talented young people will offer us art lovers a promising future. I am sure you will join me in wishing her the best of success in her future works and plans.



I have a few pictures of her show at the Homa Gallery (27 Rahimi St., Valiasr Ave., Tehran  Tel. 22055629,

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