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Former defense minister: Iran's policy calls for sustainable regional peace


TEHRAN, Jun.11 (ISNA)-Iran's former defense minister Admiral Ali Shamkhani stated that Iran's fundamental policy was based on generating regional peace, security and sustainable stability.

Speaking to the reporters, head of Iran's Strategic Defense Research Center asserted that Iran believes that its security is highly reliant on peace and security in Persian Gulf countries.

He further called for enhancement of bilateral and multilateral ties with Persian Gulf countries in the security and defense arenas.

"The U.S. has targeted unity among Muslims by making propagandas through its related media and plotting political intrigues in order to justify its illegal presence in the region," said Shamkhani.

He said Iran had no aggressive plans or programs against any country and that Iran's military doctrine was completely based on defense and the deterrence principle.

Meanwhile the U.S. journal of Defense News had quoted Shamkhani, in a forged interview, who had allegedly declared that Iran would raid the Persian Gulf states if the U.S. attacked its nuclear facilities. The journal had reported that Iran accuses certain Arab countries who help Washington to justify launching a military attack against Iran.

Shamkhani denied having any interview with Defense News.

"There was no interview and the news is fake and unreal," he added.

The U.S. journal was apparently trying to give Iran a threatening face by publishing a fake interview with Admiral Shamkhani.

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