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A touch of Tuscany 40 minutes away from Tehran

6/26/07 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Once in a while one is more than grateful to have listened to a suggestion. Recently, right in middle of a very busy time for me when I had a lot of work on, my husband insisted that I take a day off and accept our friends' invitation to go to their villa near Tehran. So we met them and drove to their beautiful hiding place, a small village called Kalugan near Fasham on the north east side of Tehran.

I could not believe how close it was to Tehran. To be honest we could have been there in just over forty minutes if we had set off earlier. Not long after the big roundabout that divides the road that goes to Oshoun/Fasham and Lavasanak we took a right turn off the main road and went up a very narrow, steep and rough track. Once we stopped and I turned to see the valley below us I realized that it was all worth it.

It felt so good, calm and quiet, with fresh clean mountain air and wonderful scenery. The thing that came into my mind was that we could be in Italy, yes, this little valley could well be a small and lovely valley in Tuscany.

I had so much fresh air that before lunch I had to have a nap. Our hosts Bita and Christopher had prepared home-made kebab which we had on the balcony under a wonderful most beautiful big white berry tree.

The house was simple yet beautifully decorated. Bita who has studied interior design as well as architecture had remodeled the house and furnished it with great taste. Their house in Tehran is even lovelier.

We enjoyed playing with their young children Jehan and Kiana in the garden and then Paul cut the grass and Chris and his friend played badminton while Bita and I were reading our books. It was heavenly.

Later in the afternoon we took a long walk along the river and got to see some of the village and look at some of the good examples of architecture that date back to the 1970's, as well as the footpath that goes all the way to Ammameh.

Later, their neighbor Dr Hedayati, a distinguished lawyer, and a very knowledgeable gentleman joined us for the evening. While we were sitting on the balcony under the stars, enjoying the air, the gentle breeze and having dinner, Dr Hedayati entertained us all by reciting poems from Molana, Khayam, Sa'di and Hafez. I was dismayed when sleep started to fill my eyes and we had to retire. After a good and peaceful sleep we woke up to the singing birds and beautiful bright sky. We enjoyed a good breakfast before heading home to the Tehran traffic and going to work.

We felt rested and refreshed and determined that whenever we are able to come again we shall do so.

Here I have a few photographs for you from this little piece of Tuscany just outside Tehran. Jaye shoma khali (we missed you)!

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