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Open Letter to Senator Feinstein

By Brian H Appleton
Dear Senator Feinstein,
You are not responding to the following points which I will once more reiterate as concisely as I can.
Iran is a member of the Non Proliferation Treaty. According to the terms of the NPT, members have the right to enrich uranium up to a certain level for use in generating electrical power. This is Iran's goal not nuclear weapons. Iran does not have enough electricity.
By what right does the United States dictate who can have nuclear energy and who cannot?
Iran submitted voluntarily to a protocol uniquely imposed on Iran out of all the NPT signatories which allowed UN inspectors snap inspections anytime anywhere for three years and they found no evidence of a nuclear weapons program. How can Iran prove that they are not planning to build nuclear weapons? How does one  prove something that doesn't exist? This is a trap that Mr. Bush has sprung on Iran and bullied the UN into complying with it. Mr. Bush is not interested in peace.
And by the way, Bush's saber rattling also benefits Ahmadinejad who is also very unpopular in the polls and needs the threat of attack to keep Iranians united behind him in fear. Create an emergency to stay in power, even go to war. Politicians all through history have done this. And then once troops are committed, "don't endanger our troops by questioning my policies."
Bush used the same strategy in Iraq of purposely blocking every alternative but war. Three heads of the UNSCOM inspectors resigned in a row in protest not because Saddam would not cooperate but because the Americans wouldn't cooperate. Peace by negotiation was never Bush's goal in Iraq. Mark my words Ms. Rice's idea of negotiations with Iran will be:"This is what we want, period, end of story, now comply." Why else has Bush sent 3 aircraft carriers to the gulf with no explanation to Congress or the voters?
Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and are not members of the NPT and I am sure their neighbors do not feel safe and secure living in this knowledge so why isn't anyone sanctioning them?
The President is demonizing Iran with propoganda because his agenda is to regain control of the Middle East, Iranian oil and a new puppet to replace the Shah. The President is blaming Iran's support of insurgents in Iraq for his failure there. I would remind you that the USA invaded Iraq and it was not in self defense. Iraq did not have WMD nor does Iran have nuclear weapons or a nuclear weapons many times are the American people and their representatives in Congress going to fall for this drill?
Iran has long cultural and religious affinities with Iraq despite the propoganda and the 8 year war which Saddam was encouraged by the USA to engage in. Iran is purportedly lending billions of dollars to Iraq to help them rebuild the infrastructure that Mr. Bush bombed this supporting terrorism?
When Mr. Bush says a nuclear Iran is unacceptable he is parroting the Likud. I would remind Israel that there are a million Jews in Iran and that their ancestors were invited to Iran after Cyrus the Great liberated them from captivity in Babylon.
I feel that the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) has far too great an influence over the Bush administration and more so than Congress and other government agencies like the DOD and the State Dept and even the CIA and it was upon the advise of the AEI that he invaded Iraq and they are influencing his war plans on Iran. This is not right and it needs to be addressed by the Senate.
 Lastly I want to state that the war on terrorism will be won when US foreign policy actually benefits the majority of the citizens of other countries rather than supporting an elite who give the US unlimited access to their resources. When we actually use our power and resources to help other people they love us. Look at the Marshall Plan and look at Point 4, the mini Marshall Plan that Truman instituted for Iran. That is when the love part of our love hate relationship was born... and putting the Shah back in and ousting Mossadegh was when the hate part began. It is just this simple; people are not stupid. They know when someone is acting in their interests or only in their own.
Brian H Appleton

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