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Iranian Films at The Tiburon International Film Festival

Tiburon- CA: The Tiburon International Film Festival is pleased to announce the following Iranian films at its March 22-30, 2007 festival:
Director: Abolfazl Jajili (In Person)
Cast:  Navid Raisi, Jamileh Baluchi, Sakineh Azadi
Navid (Navid Raisi), who is 17, leaves his village for a port city near the Pakistan border, seeking employment as a teacher of Persian literature. Told he needs two letters of recommendation from local citizens, he finds an old sheep farmer and a widow living in a hovel, Madame Sakineh (Sakineh Azadi), to vouch for him. Then he's told to produce police documents showing he has no criminal record. While waiting for authorization to teach, he demonstrates his can-do spirit in a host of odd jobs, from animal guardian to pool hall bouncer to barber. Almost everything lands him in trouble, especially his insistent courtship of pretty Mahrokh (Jamileh Baluchi), whom he barely knows. But Navid, part poet and part businessman, never loses hope.
Director: Iraj Emami
Cast:  Hediyah Tehrani, Mohamed Ataei, Siamak Emami, Noormohammed Ataei
The story opens at night in Tehran. A man conceals a large amount of money in a purpose built compartment of his bag. Walking back to his car a thief seated on the back of a motorbike snatches his bag. Driving into a park, the robber empties and throws the bag away without noticing the hidden money. The owner searching desperately for his bag finally catches up with the robber only to find out he did not discover the hidden compartment. The search for the bag is now on.

This is a beautifully shot, thought provoking film, one of the best recent examples of modern Iranian filmmaking.
Director: Mona Zandi Haghighi (In Person)
Cast: Roya Nownahali, Haniye Tavassoli, Mehrdad Sedighiyan
Sogand and her son Omid are going through a stressful and unpleasant time. Sogand, who for years has been carrying a secret and a painful burden, can no longer tolerate her son's difficult behaviour. Meanwhile, Banafshen, Sogand's younger sister who hasn't had any news of her sister for 15 years, decides to find her. After an extensive search she finally succeeds in locating her sister. Once the two sisters meet, Sogand's life takes on a new meaning. After years of hardship and suffering, she finally reveals to her sister the secret as to why she ran away from home...
Director: Jean-Daniel Lafond (Canada)
Revealed to the world in the 2001 movie 'Kandahar', David Theodore Belfield is wanted in the U.S. for the 1980 killing of an Iranian diplomat, and now lives in exile in Iran. The story of an unrepentant assassin and an articulate accuser, 'American Fugitive' explores a web of international intrigue and state-sponsored violence.
This is the story of Hassan, a Black American who, in 1980, in Washington, acting on a fatwa, assassinated the Shah’s representative to the United States, Ali Akbar Tabatabai. Since then, he has been wanted by the FBI and has lived in exile in Iran.
Director:  Chapour Haghighat
Cast:  Engin Gunay, Kuzey Ozdogan, Ulku Ulker
An aging Turkish tailor, just released from an Iranian jail, sets off with a 12-year-old companion in search of his Anatolian home only to find the village has vanished without a trace. The quest gives an evocative glimpse of an age-old world filled with traditions, faith and history.
Director: Maryam Keshavarz

Using the weeklong Ashura festival as a framework, THE COLOR OF LOVE documents the changing face of love and politics in the ancient city of Shiraz, Iran. As the older generation performs cathartic rituals, the city's youth are left to their own devices. They spend this time cruising the public squares, hoping for a sideways glance or a brief note from a potential lover. The film's 29-year-old, New York-based director investigates the way these shifting mores have surfaced in a culture entrenched in traditional values and how they have been influenced by western culture in the form of satellite television and the Internet. By interviewing different generations of Iranians, Keshavarz attempts to uncover how ideas of love, romance, marriage and sex have evolved in a society where politics and culture are inextricably linked.
Director: Marzieh Vafamehr
Cast:  Shaaf Noori, Parisa kani, Mehdi Moghadam, Marzieh Vafamehr
One day in a life of a ten-year old girl during the Iran/Iraq war. War propaganda nurtures her for fighting. Little by little she gets attracted to fighting and wishes being killed in the war. This film criticizes Iranian children environment specially educational system.
Director: Mohammad Shirvani

Once an employee of Iran's Ministry of the Interior, Mir Qanbar is now a 74-year-old retiree who has dedicated himself to winning an elected position in his country's government, be it the presidency or merely a seat in Parliament. Despite a profound lack of success (he has been disqualified from several presidential elections for not having enough votes, and gets infinitesimal support in parliamentary elections), Mir Qanbar and his faithful friend Seifollah, who distributes leaflets from a mule-drawn cart and has been promised the role of Minister for Health because he is disabled and can feel for those like him, campaign tirelessly, traveling from village to village, and talking with farmers, shepherds, and assorted passers-by. President Mir Qanbar throws up simple truths – an idealism which the filmmaker seems to say is disappearing.
Director:  Erwann Briand
In Kurdistan, as in the majority of battle zones, which have been ongoing for many years, women are making their presence increasingly felt. It is almost as if, in order to stop the murderous madness of man, they must today be in the front line, transforming themselves into human bombs or soldiers. In 1996, the women joining up with the PKK guerrillas decide to form their own army, completely independent of the men’s army. “The Women of Mount Ararat” retraces the life of a women's “manga”, a base unit of the guerrilla army, made up of six women soldiers. Constantly on the move, with no particular aim other than climbing the next mountain, they are on the lookout for the invisible enemy. Amidst military manoeuvres and everyday tasks, the intimate moments of these women’s lives are gradually revealed alongside their individual destinies. Here, where life is a question of survival, their human qualities transcend those of the soldier’s, liberating them from their state of male oppression in their society.
Return to My Homeland (Music Video)
Director: Moslem Mansouri
Cast: Ziba Shirazi (In Person)
Baazgasht is the narrative of an expatriate's visit to Iran, telling the story of nostalgic bitter-sweet encounters with a past that has been virtually wiped out to the point where almost nothing she sees is reminiscent of her time and place in pre-revolution Iran.

After living in exile for nearly three decades the visitor, who had longed to see her homeland all these years, finds herself in the midst of changed landmarks that no longer represent her childhood memories. She even gets to observe first-hand some of the heart-wrenching human realities that have befallen her beloved homeland and laments on the conditions she sees.
Lady of the East (Music Video)
Director: Moslem Mansouri
Cast: Ebi
This music video is a salute to the women's movement for freedom in Iran and an objection to their present condition.
Director: Omid Khoshnazar
Because of his villain act, a soldier is captured in the camera cadre.
He kills a man, and the camera wants to take revenge, but…

And more than 250 films, from 90 countries.
The Opening Film is Even Money, starring Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito, Kelsey Grammer and Forrest Whitaker.  Mark Rydell, the film director and Academy Award nominee, which will have its West coast premiere at the Tiburon International Film Festival,  will be present along with other filmmakers.  
To purchase your tickets, and more info on opening and closing night gala ceremonies, with international cuisine and live music, please visit the festival website.

Tiburon International Film Festival

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