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A few words on the unethical movie 300 produced by Warner Brothers Company of USA


By Abolfazl Moghadam, Des Moines, IA

One more time the world is witnessing the true face of hypocrisy and disrespect towards other cultures by a few who would put their profits before any kinds of rules of decency. One more time the world is witnessing the distortion of facts, unethical behavior of directors such as Zack Snyder.

It would not take much time for a reasonable man and woman after watching this movie 300 to well qualify Mr. Snyder and his irresponsible film studio, namely Warner Brothers, as the most successful candidates to win the top prize of insulting, disrespecting the Iranian (Persian) culture and the Iranians all over the world.

Have these people forgotten the civilization that Persia brought to the world? Probably not. They know the facts well. Their attempt in making such movie is nothing but assassination of characters. Even if they wanted to read the history, the most they would chose to go for a reference, would be no one but the Herodotus who fictitiously claimed and distorted the history and reported that the 300 Spartans stopped the Persian Army for 3 days! No one of course would be so much surprised as Herodotus was a Greek himself, and apparently Herodotus was not ready to reflect both sides of the coins, in a fair and equitable manner.

The fact is that the world's intellectuals whether be the Persians, or non Persians, those whose hearts are filled with the love of Persia, Persian poetry and civilization, those who appreciate the great contributions of Persians towards the world's culture and science, would understand that the movie 300 is nothing but a distortion fact machine. The irony is that in the movie the Persian King which supposed to be King Xerxes has been portrayed as someone with an African complex! The movie scenario is gravely equipped with tons of ill information and ignorance which is once again the manifestation of Mr. Snyder's and Warner Brothers' ignorance on the true history.

They could have done a better job, had they set aside their feelings of hatred towards the Persian culture and civilization. They could have better written the manuscript for the movie, had they known that, or cared to read about the first Charter of Human Rights by Cyrus The Great (550 B.C), and the impact it had on the human behaviors of many countries of the time, including Greece.

I have no doubt in my mind that the world would make its own judgment at the end of the day; that the movie 300 is an absolute manifestation of ignorance towards the Persian civilization, a complete facts distortion mission, a total disregard towards the human dignity, a complete disrespect and insult towards another culture and civilization, and finally a miserable move by the producer and people alike, in trying to save their troubled life by constantly manufacturing and portraying false events, so to make up for their own inability to move forward, and have positive progress.

Although the damage has been done, but Warner Brothers and Mr. Snyder must be courageous enough to withdraw the movie from the market impromptu, rectify the malicious misinformation and misrepresentation that have constituted the very inches of the movie, and apologize to the Iranian communities all over the world.

I would like to close this humble opinion by quoting one of the poems of Sa'di (13th century Persian Poet) who once said "All human beings are the same, there is no difference between black, white, yellow and read. If someone gets pain, others should go and care for that person."

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