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CASMII's Statement and Demands on the US-Iran Standoff

We believe the Western alliance is unfairly singling out Iran with a propaganda campaign that is paving the way for war. The United States and Great Britain label Iran as a threat to peace, even though it is they who have illegally invaded Iraq and destabilized the region. Similarly, the U.S. and its allies play politics with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by reneging on their own pledge to disarm, by refusing peaceful nuclear co-operation with Iran, by sharing American nuclear know-how with India, a country that Washington earlier branded a nuclear outlaw, and by failing to sanction Pakistan, another nuclear nation with a shaky, undemocratic government. In committing these breaches, the Western bloc is not supported by the majority of the world's public opinion, which believes relations among sovereign states should be governed by international law and treaties. The US through its covert operations and support for the MEK, actually listed as a terrorist organization by the US and EU governments, has been fomenting ethnic conflict in Iran and under the cover of its "democratization program" carries out a destabilization program in Iran, clearly illegal in international law and under the UN Charter. In support of the rule of law in international relations, we issue the following list as our minimum demands for change in the foreign policies of the U.S., its allies and international agencies toward Iran.
  • Any form of sanctions on Iran will hurt the Iranian people and serve as a prelude to war, as happened in the case of Iraq. We call on the UN Security Council to lift all sanctions and we call on the U.S. and its allies to accept Iran's offer to negotiate without preconditions. We call on the United States to end existing trade sanctions against Iran and free Iran's frozen assets, in accordance with earlier agreements.
  • Recognizing that no sovereign nation can be asked to negotiate "with a gun to its head", we call on the United States and the UK to renounce the military option against Iran and publicly and unmistakably pressure Israel to do the same.
  • Over 2200 hours of intrusive and snap inspections by the IAEA for some 3 years have failed to produce a shred of evidence that there actually is a nuclear weapons program in Iran; the IAEA has repeatedly stated that there is no evidence of such diversion. We call on the UN Security Council to acknowledge Iran's cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors and return Iran's file to IAEA to resolve weapons proliferation concerns.
  • We believe banning nuclear weapons throughout the region must be an integral part of all discussion of Iran's nuclear program, and call on all nations to support a nuclear-free Middle East.
  • We call on the US government to reverse its latest and very dangerous confrontational approach against Iran and Syria, designed to cover up the catastrophic consequences of its illegal invasion of Iraq. We call on the US to withdraw its massive armada from the Persian Gulf, release the five employees of the Iranian consulate in Irbil and instead start immediate, unconditional and comprehensive negotiations with Iran including on the nuclear issue as requested by the overwhelming majority of the international community.
  • We seriously question U.S. unfounded charges of links between Iran and Al Qaeda, as being contrary to the long-recognized and deeply-felt hostility between Al Qaeda and Iran. These accusations are clearly contradicted by the constructive role of Iran and the active assistance that was forthcoming toward the U.S. war on terrorism directly after 9/11, and totally unsupported by any evidence that the US agencies have seen fit to make public. Iran currently holds key Al Qaeda operatives in its custody, further aggravating Al Qaeda's enmity towards Iran.
  • We call on the U.S. and the U.K. to refrain from manipulating the democratic aspirations of Iran's ethnic minorities to foment discord and create instability, and from attempting to engineer regime change from outside.

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