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The Underestimated, The Unrepentant and The Spring of Persia

By Abolfazl Moghadam

They began their efforts in demonizing the Persians in a movie they call it a fiction and comic. They began to put what they call the so called producer’s talent into a script. Technology wise, they probably calculated the film making process in order, but they forgot that the Persians are not for one, but for all seasons.

We all heard Warner Brothers’ shameful contention that the “Distortion Fact Machine” (hereinafter referred to as The DFM 300) was meant to be just a fiction. We also heard the fallacy that came along with their so shorthanded statement. Not only they underestimated the aftermath reactions to The DFM 300, but also they failed to recognize the fact that Iranians are not for one, but for all seasons. Indeed, Iranians reinforce and refresh their minds and might in spring, they harvest in summer and fall, and they stand strong in winter, as a mountain stands to a sea, so to welcome the next spring.

My fellow Iranians, looking back at part of our history as of the last 400 years to this time, we have been target whenever “the people with special interest” presumed we are complacent towards our own values, when they miscalculated that we are silent and indifferent towards the very basic values that have been with us throughout ages, irrespective of what religion did we have, or who was ruling us.

I don’t mean to live with a conspiracy theory, but we ought to watch out for moves that are threats to our thousand years of history and culture. We are and must continue to intellectually respond to “ill generated initiatives” that are threatening the very core of our culture and tradition. Whether thru logical, legal and peaceful objections, we have to voice our concerns when “the people with special interest” attempt to deface our righteousness, our tradition that confirms with good saying, good thought, good deed, justice and mutual respect for our fellow human beings.

I am not a movie maker, and have no talent for that, but I do know the fact that to be effective and efficient in today’s world of propaganda, we need to come up with productions that are reflection of our true history. We need to ask ourselves, how many times have we had movies that dealt with our ancient history? Did we ever make a movie that would show our version of the truth on Thermopylae War and how King Xerxes using hundreds of ships to make bridges to reach Athena, managed to conquer Athena and the little Sparta? Or how “Alexander The Macedonian” blundered the Persepolis? Have we ever made any movie to show the Bloodless conquering of Babylon by “Cyrus The Great”, his liberations of many nations of the time including the Jews, and his efforts in improving lives of many nations while administering the Persian Empire?

These can go on for ever, but the fact remains that we need to strengthen our good points, improve our shortcomings, and never ever underestimate “the people with special interest.” They underestimated the Persia while remain unrepentant, but, we don’t underestimate those whose ill intentions are to falsify and misrepresent our history and tradition in the pretext of democracy and freedom of speech, and play negative to our values. Our response to them is that; we are a strong nation with a strong and rich tradition; that the world won’t judge us based on DFM 300, but with the history we have built over thousand of years and the achievements that came along with it. We possess wisdom, sea of talents that exist in every son and daughter of Persia, and the great arts and poetry that are food for souls for every inhabitants of Iran. LONG LIVE IRAN, WE SHALL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

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