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UNSC once issued resolution against nationalization of Iran oil


Berlin, March 26, IRNA - Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in an interview with Spiegel recalled the United Nations Security Council Resolution 50 years ago in which the world body termed nationalization of Iranian oil industry as "detrimental to international peace and security".

He compared the UN action 50 years ago to the resolution 1747 both aiming to deprive Iran of legitimate rights.

He said that every country is obligated to respect the decisions of the UN but the Security Council should not jeopardize its legitimate powers through illegal behavior and pressures from individual member states.

"There is a historical precedent. Iran was in the process of completing the nationalization of its oil industry. The beginning of this nationalization process was the subject of debate in the Security Council 50 years ago. It too was seen as a threat to peace and stability at the time, which of course was absurd. In the nuclear conflict, the question that now arises is for which offense we are actually being punished? Uranium enrichment is one of the fundamental rights of every country.

"We cannot invest billions of dollars in our nuclear power plants and then rely on the help of other nations to produce and supply the fuel.

He said that if the Security Council sends back Iran's nuclear case to the IAEA once again, the Iranian parliament will ratify the Additional Protocol to Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

"We are the ones who must tolerate sanctions today, and that's why we are opposed to boycotts to achieve political interests. But of course we too must be granted the right to a full energy supply."

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