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Americans' romantic fictions about the Middle East and Middle Easterners in the USA

By Brian H. Appleton


Dear readers,

I am not sure which is worse, turning human misery into chic pseudo-intellectual fiction for profit or an imperialistic government that thinks that terrorism is a disease, which can be wiped out. What is really the root cause of terrorism is the completely inequitable distribution of wealth in the world and the Middle East in particular. Why is it that any country that insists on its own sovereignty is made into a boogeyman by Uncle Sam and any country with a US puppet has a population living in poverty.


The US economy is based on oil as its main source of energy. The US population represents only 4.5% of the global population yet consumes 25% of the world energy. What is going to happen when all the aspiring nations of the third world reach that level of consumption? Look at the "Ka Ching" Dynasty in China! Meanwhile our government wages oil wars and the population gives its tacit consent so that its consumer way of life can continue uninterrupted. We have discovered the enemy and it is us. We are a nation of vast consumerism abandoning our traditions and families and cultures, without real spirituality and without a sustainable way of life. Our corporations own and run this nation, and aspire to control the world's resources; we are the global eco terrorists, it is us.


Our children maintain comfortable bourgeois fictions about loving the environment when the real cause of species extinction is loss of habitat. There are just too many people for the poor old earth to sustain with any quality of life at the present time, isn't it? The automobile has become almost non functional. Next time you are stuck in traffic for two hours on a 20-mile journey ask yourself if I am exaggerating!


The media is all owned by major corporations. Who started the myth that the press is liberal and that we have free press?


The propaganda is so effective that the truth lies buried under so many layers as to be unreachable. More women are in the work force now than during the time of the Shah. 80% of the teachers in Iran are now women while it was only 45% under the regime of the Shah. Health care in Iran is now universal and the best in the Middle East and in fact Harvard University has made a study of it. But what do we know of Iran? Any woman who has worn a headscarf there can write a book here bashing Iran and get it published because it's what we want to hear. We want affirmation of our wrong way of life. We want Gunga Din's and people who repudiate their own culture to adopt ours. And what is American culture? "Buying things..." as far as I can ascertain.


 Under Saddam, Iraq had one of the highest standards of living in the Middle East, with no illiteracy and offering employment to poor Egyptians, Palestinians and Jordanians, now it has one of the lowest standards of living not to mention 665,000 estimated dead from this war.


Bush during his debates with Kerry kept repeating that the world was a better place without Saddam, never mind he flaunted the rule of law and became a vigilante to take out Saddam who was a CIA appointee. It was the US, which sold the biological weapons to Saddam and encouraged him to attack Iran. A million people on each side died in that 10 year "silent war" and all Bush could talk about was how Saddam gassed his own people. Well he was trying to gas the Iranians but the wind shifted. You see how gullible the public can be?


Why is it that the rich will only give to charity if they can come out for a debutant's ball, are we all Marie Antoinette? Can we only take an interest in the Middle East if it is dressed up in some sugar coated fiction, which avoids the hand that our government and foreign policies and the military industrial complex have had in creating terrorism and the millions, yes millions of deaths they have caused there? When you comprise the list of all the American beneficiaries of 911, it becomes evident that the status quo has a vested interest in maintaining terrorism not ending it.


The best way to fight terrorism is to actually do something with the vast financial and intellectual resources of this nation to help the poor here and abroad. If the war were on poverty instead of political dissidents then the terrorists would lose most of their constituents. The only people who strap bombs to themselves are the ones who have nothing left to lose. Meanwhile we can maintain intriguing and dark mysterious fictions about Islamic fundamentalism, which was another creation of the CIA to fight the spread of communism during the Cold War, while ignoring our own right wing religious fundamentalists. Let us not forget Oklahoma City, Columbine and Virginia Tech were not Middle Easterners but disenfranchised alienated lonesome desperate neglected mentally ill Americans...and by the way there are more Americans undergoing therapy per capita than any other nation on earth and one might ask, why is that so?


 It is so convenient to never subject oneself to self-examination when a handy boogeyman can be created. Demonize someone else and you transfer all your venom away from yourself and then follow it with high altitude bombing and hold your head high and delude yourself into believing that you are doing God's work...after all "they" take hostages and behead people where as our armed forces only bomb them from high altitude if our current administration doesn't like their politics, which is much less barbaric because we don't get their blood spilled on us... unless of course you go on an occasional rampage and kill civilians in their houses in Baghdad as they sleep and put a hand grenade under an old man's bed...what about that? Or torture prisoners at Al Gharib prison. Who compensates the victims of the crimes committed by our soldiers even if they are court martialed? Did you ever think of that?


Brian H. Appleton

... Payvand News - 5/16/07 ...

... Payvand News - 5/16/07 ... --

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