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Ata Hasheminejad - a charming and interesting artist

5/31/07 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Ata Hasheminejad is an artist with flair and gentleness. He has been painting for over twenty years but he paints mostly for the love of it. Although he studied painting at university he now works in advertising, and is mainly involved in making commercials. Recently he had an exhibition at the Golestan gallery in Tehran.

He lives in Lavasan to the north east side of Tehran, a lovely area which is famous for its good air and scenery. He told me what he paints is what he sees everyday. Yet as we see in his work he does a good job of giving it a surreal and sophisticated touch. He went on to say that he utterly enjoys the "loneliness" he finds when he works, he enters a private world when he works on his paintings. He likes all colors and could not choose anyone in particular, as he said that he liked them all.

Painting for him is most unwinding and he spends hours doing what he mostly enjoys. He used to sing traditional Persian. He is a sportsman and is a good hiker and does karate as well. He enjoys listening to Persian music. When I ask him what his goal is, he said that he didn't have a big goal in life, and in reply to my question how does he sees the world, he replied a little obligatory!

His favorite animal is a snake and he finds the moon enchanting. He hopes to travel all over the world and that he leaves this world in perfect health!

The Golestan Gallery is at 42 Kamasaie Street, Darrous, Tehran 22541589

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