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Tapestry and Weaving Exhibition at Tehran's Niavaran Cultural Center

11/01/07 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

The Niavaran Cultural Center gallery is one of my favorite places in Tehran. I like its design and the great sense of space that one finds there. Recently they have had a couple of interesting as well as unusual exhibitions there. Last week we went to the group exhibition of Tapestry and Weaving works by Nasrin Kayhan (Shaghaghi), Leyla Samari and Shahrzad Gharavi and their students and colleagues.

In their booklet it stated that "Weaving is an art which has been developed with the development of human civilization" and this goes back some 8000 years. The ladies set up this exhibition in order to show visitors that Weaving is an art and to show some examples of weaving.

I spent some time looking at some of the works specially those of Neda Darzi with her big colorful globe which was the centerpiece of the first floor as well as a most striking jewelry design by Sareh Qomi, and the lovely simplicity and yet capturing designs of both Maryam Ferydooni and Afsoon Shahryari.

Although I was most impressed with these ladies works and many others, my heart was captured by a wonderful dress that Yasaman Nabizadeh had made, which made me immediately remember the city of Masouleh, in the north of Iran; I loved the outstanding color and pattern and yet I could imagine it being worn. For me, whenever possible true art is applicable art.

Some of the work was aimed at being only useable and some was completely decorative, and some were closer to being funny than outrageous.

We have a few photographs for you to decide for yourself.

Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation
Pasdaran Avenue, Opposite Niavaran Park
tel. 021 22287081

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