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Tehran Art Scene: Ahmad Morshedloo's images of people


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

The first time I came across Ahmad Morshedloo's work was over 3 years ago at the Arya Gallery where he held an exhibition of his paintings.

From that moment on I have been one of his most earnest admirers.  The intensity of his images' resignation to life, good or bad, shows the deep emotion and pains of our lives; and some may make you feel a shiver or send a little prayer. He recently had a group exhibition at the Mah Gallery, but this time we were lucky to see his work at the Assar gallery which is right in front of the Tehran Artists' Forum.

Ahmad Morshedloo

At this exhibition I saw the finished paintings of his people, with many faces each turning into their own path/direction (whatever they may be searching for), and seeking the unknown.  I had seen some sketches for these when I went to his home and studio nearly two years ago. He has indeed finished them most masterfully.  There are none that you could pass by without an impact.  His sleeping woman, his woman in a chador, his man and the baby, all of them without doubt are great works.  They had all been sold before we got there. Either a very lucky collector or a good businessperson!

Morshedloo has also worked on smaller canvases, but not that small; if we could ever afford one of his paintings we might possibly find a place to hang it.  For me Ahmad Morshedloo is one of the leading artists in Iran today and I am sure his works will become well known to all art lovers in near future.  He is a member of Group 30+.

Hopefully someone will organize a book of his wonderful pictures soon. Here are a few images from this exhibition for you.

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