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The mystery of dead dolphins in Persian Gulf



An autopsy has been carried out on one of the 73 dead dolphin bodies found on Jask beaches, south of Iran, ISNA reported on October 29, 2007.


The marine deputy of Iran Department of Environment announced that a new program regarding the monitoring of the death of aquatic has been set up with the collaboration of the Environment Program of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.



Dr Nabavi, on the occasion of the autopsy of one of the 73 dead dolphin bodies found on Jask beaches, said to the environment reporter of ISNA: In this program patrolling the region, reporting dead aquatic on the beaches, monitoring fishing activities and tracking of aquatic, especially the dolphins, are previewed.



He pointed to the death of 73 dolphins in Jask region and said: The reason of their death is not still known. It is the first time that such a vast investigation in this regard is taking place.


Nabavi pointed to the fact that the dead dolphins were not of the type usually found in the Persian Gulf and belonged to species called the Stripped Dolphins.



The Environment deputy said: Although the cause of the death of these dolphins is not yet known but the main reason for the death of dolphins in the region is usually the net used by the fishing teams.


He added: Studies carried out on previous instances of death of dolphins revealed that they were not intoxicated but traces of claws on their bodies were found in 9 cases.



Nabavi added: We have requested two of the international experts to collaborate and help us in studying the death of 73 dolphins.


He pointed to the lack of sufficient naval equipments to monitor the 2500 kilometres of waterfront in the south and said more investment should be done in this respect.


The body of one of the dolphins was carried to Tehran to be studied in the veterinary laboratories in Tehran University.


Note: Original article published in Persian by ISNA.
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