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LET'S TRY TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: The "Apparent" Illogic of America's Middle East Strategy

By Kam Zarrabi, Intellectual Discourse


Why the "apparent" Illogic?

Aren't we stuck in the quagmire of our own initiation as a result of our faulty policies in that region? Wasn't the Administration's decision to invade Iraq a necessary preemptive move based, albeit wrongly in retrospect, on the available intelligence information? And, wasn't the consequent unraveling of Iraq's socioeconomic fabric resulting in ethnic strife, death and destruction now spiraling out of control, simply caused by honest miscalculation, the natural unpredictability of a chaotic maze or, as George W. Bush would put it, an understandable "misunderestimation" of the situation?

Our Democrats in the Congress have been rightly criticizing their Republican colleagues and the White House for not admitting their erroneous move to invade Iraq in the first place and, instead of doing everything to dig our armed forces out of that quagmire, for persisting on staying the course until some nondescript "victory" is achieved. Many on both sides believe that abandoning the mission before reaching a sustainable level of stability would intensify the horrendous situation in the region and jeopardize America's strategic interests even further.

The more "pragmatic" believe that hanging around even one day longer than it takes to extricate our troops from that mess is counter to our nation's best interests. With our indomitable military superiority and economic power, they believe, no amount of international criticism or condemnation for our "cutting and running" is worth the lives of our young men and women in the hellhole of the Middle East.

All the foregoing rhetoric is based on one assumption and one assumption only. That assumption is that, whether rightly or wrongly, we have embarked on a mission in the Middle East that has now spun out of our control and heading for even more uncertain and potentially catastrophic horizons. Our retired top brass who were charged with the command of our operations in the field, as well as many on active duty, maintain that a lack of sufficient political and financial support for this military mission led to the failure to create the desired stability in the region.

Desired stability and a cessation of hostilities? Really?

Could it be that they are all misreading the entire scenario; that there was no mistake, mismanagement or faulty intelligence, and that the scenario is actually evolving exactly as the movers and shakers had foreseen from the beginning? Could it be that the mistakes were actually quite deliberate and what seem to be unpredictable or undesired consequences were not only clearly predictable, but very desirable as well?

If professional journalists such as Seymour Hersh, writers such as Naomi Klein and relative unknowns like myself can see through the prevailing haze of disinformation designed for mass deception, how was it possible for our political masterminds to have made errors in judgment in going to war and opening the floodgates of turmoil in the Middle East?

There really was no error in judgment; the scenario is unfolding as plotted from the beginning, the blueprints of which were prepared at least a half a dozen years before September 11, 2001.

Let's start with the 1996 Israeli think tank project called the Clean Break, A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. Rather than elaborating on its details, the reader is strongly encouraged to click on the hyperlink and study this document. Many of the American authors of that project participated a few months later in a new Washington think tank, PNAC, "Project for the New American Century", with a motto and agenda that sound very much as though tailored specifically to dovetail with the Clean Break strategy. Again, the readers are encouraged to click on this hyperlink to study the details of this think tank's mission statement and agenda.

A coincidence? Hardly!

Now, it doesn't take a brilliant mind or a conspiracy theorist to recognize the role many or most of the participants in those think tanks have been and continue to be playing in steering our administration's policies in the Middle East.

No $#@&, Buckwheat!!

So, we might as well disregard all the campaign rhetoric we are exposed to by our presidential hopefuls offering their strategies for bringing the turmoil in the Middle East to some acceptable end, either through some miraculous "victory" or by setting some obscure deadline and abandoning the mess behind for the locals to take care of.

We are there to stay, brother, and to justify that, we need the proper rationale, the kind that our hypnotized masses would accept as convincing enough to support as necessary, albeit unpleasant, even outright brutal.

Well, we have it. The big bad bogeyman is now Iran, looming increasingly more terrifying than the rather benign "Axis of Evil" portrayal by George W. Bush in his State of the Union address, January 2002. Now, this one is the BIG one!

Sure, there are critics of the Iraqi invasion who ridicule the policy makers for having predicted that that excursion would be a cakewalk when, as it turned out, it was anything but. Well, my friends, had it really been a cakewalk with quick and painless conclusion we would not have embarked on that campaign. The ensuing quagmire we are in now was exactly what those doctors had predicted and prescribed.

We can see the same process currently underway to open up the region to more uncertainty and chaos. This is so obvious that it borders on an insult to one's intelligence to elaborate on it. Iran's leadership is portrayed as a bunch of suicidal maniacs who are willing to see their devilish hopes and evil aspirations dashed and their nation annihilated for the sake of their fixation to destroy Israel and threaten the civilized world with nuclear weapons.

The sad thing is the prevailing naiveté here that encourages the masters of public deception to feed the bovine crowds from the menu of disinformation and propaganda. How many people actually realize that, for example, the Iranian President Ahmadinejad is not only NOT in charge of Iran's foreign policy or that country's military to have declared his desire to "wipe Israel off the face of the map", he never even said those words? How many television viewers or radio audiences are actually aware that the international agency, IAEA, in charge of monitoring the operations of the NPT member states to stay within the mandates of that agency, has found Iran to be in compliance. Yet, the American and, of course, the Israeli officials "choose" to believe that the IAEA is wrong and Iran is intent on producing nuclear weapons.

More recently, in the face of strong criticism by the Head of IAEA, Dr. Elbaradei, for distorting the facts, the Administration has decided to move the goal posts by claiming that the Iranians are trying to gain access to the technology that would enable them some day to develop the bomb!!! That knowledge is, according to George W. Bush, enough of a threat to warrant some preemptive aggressive mission to prevent the advent of a WWIII.

If that sounds too stupid to take seriously, we have created other pretexts. The Israeli moles and Zionist devotees in our Congress have drummed up new and novel rationales to widen the avenues to war against Iran. The Kyle-Lieberman bill that labels Iran's Revolutionary Guards, the military of a sovereign nation, as a terrorist organization, plus the charge that Iranian arms are causing American deaths in Iraq, are designed specifically to allow the President (meaning Cheney and his neocon Zionist gang) to take military action against Iran without further Congressional approval.

Meanwhile, the Iranian regime has been doing everything short of official capitulation to show the United States and the world that Iran's nuclear project is peaceful and legal, and that its involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan are not to create more temptations to bring about an American attack upon its soil, as though it is honest and rational concerns that might trigger such an attack.

If this regional instability and insecurity is to continue, giving reason to and necessitating America's military presence in full force, supposedly to secure the industrial West's energy resources while stemming the tide of international terrorism, stability and peace would be the last things we would want.

If this sounds paradoxical, it is because it is, at least on the surface; continuing the mayhem in order to have a reason to fight that mayhem is an unending exercise in futility!

But, underneath any seemingly meaningless and superficially counterproductive endeavor reminiscent of the Greek legend of Sisyphus, there lies an undercurrent that energizes that dynamo. In the case in point, that source of stimulus is the well-known tail that is wagging the dog.

Will the dog ever get tired of being wagged? How many more American lives, hundreds of billions of dollars, scores of collateral war casualties, and how many more 9/11s will it take for the American taxpayers to wake up and question the merits of sacrificing so much for the sake so little? Cutting off the malignant tail may soon prove to be the only procedure left to save the dog.

If the Liebermans and Lantoses in our Congress insist on putting Israel's interests ahead of those of their nation of citizenship, perhaps they might then consider emigrating to the land of their primary allegiance.

It is not difficult to ignore the ridiculous prophesies of Pastor John Hagee and his Christians for Zion movement as flights of fantasy by a crazed religious zealot who is willing to shed the blood of millions for his superstitious beliefs about an impending Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is not as easy to ignore the shrewd management of the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, for welcoming this diabolical maniac to address that audience in their annual meeting in order to take advantage of his gullible following that, quite sadly, number in the millions in this great country of ours.

I have little problem with the talk-radio's arch Zionist, Dennis Prager, going to San Antonio, Texas, to address Pastor Hagee's audience; this Israel apologist and well-acclaimed Islamophobe is on a similar mission. But I do find it contemptible for the President of the United States to have overtly cozy relationships with the likes of Evangelists John Hagee, Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham.

So, folks, don't think for a second that our leaders, at least those in charge of our Middle East policies, are interested in ending the terrorist threats, instability and bloodshed in that region. What feeds or fuels their ambitions is the perpetuation of the perception of threats to our safety and security and to our regional strategic interests. For that, we will continue to need designated enemies and threatening bogeymen.

This is pretty scary stuff!

About the author: Kam Zarrabi is the author of In Zarathushtra's Shadow and Necessary Illusion. Please visit for ordering.

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