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Aspahan Horse Festival held in Isfahan, Iran

10/26/07 By Soudabeh Sadigh

Aspahan Horse Festival which will be held for the first time will be held with attendance of domestic and foreign experts and more than 300 purebred Persian horses.

Tehran, 20 October 2007 (CHN) - On the sideline of Aspahan Horse Festival, the first summit of horse breeding and riding will be held by presence of domestic and foreign experts. In this summit, two Australian and French experts will talk about long horse riding, horse acupuncture treatment, as well as economic profit of breeding Persian horse.

Aspahan Horse Festival which will be held from 23-26 of October in city of Isfahan, will also include the second show of purebred Persian horses with the name of "Myths of Elegance" and the first international exhibition of Iran Equine Industry. The congress of equestrian and horse breeding sciences, Persian polo, show jumping competition, and auction of Persian horses will be the other programs of Aspahan Horse Festival.

According to Saleh Rategh, head of professional gathering of equestrian sports holding this festival will provide the chance to introduce Persian purebred horses and Iran's long history in equestrian sports.

In addition to Iranian experts, Dr. Steve Bobis from Australia and Ms. Laurene Bougault from France will also attend this international event which will be presented by tourists from India, Egypt, France, Australia, and Britain.

According to Hadi Karbasi, executive director of Aspahan Horse Festival, Pakistan, Switzerland, and Germany will also participate in international exhibition of Iran Equine Industry (IranEquex 2007) which will be held on sideline of the festival.

The presence of 234 purebred horses from different races including Dareshuri, Turkmen, Persian Arab and Arabian horses, Caspian horses, Kurdish horses, purebred Persian Arab horses are definite in this 4-day international event. 50 of which will be put in auction. Moreover, 10 other Persian horses will be also put for auction separately. According to Karbasi, considering the horses taking part in the show jumping competition, the total number of horses in Aspahan Horse Festival will reach to 300.

Myths of Elegance will be the main important part of this festival during which the purebred Persian horses will be shown.

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