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Safer Airports Across America

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


According to the latest report, airport screeners across America failed to catch as many as 75% of the bombs and weapons being smuggled by investigators past security checks at various airports across the nation[i].  Ironically, the potential threat this poses to the average passenger is far less than the danger from those who in the name of protecting us from 'terorists', not only terrorize us, but take the life of innocent people in our airports; the 45-year old Carol Anne Gotbaum being a case in point. 


There is however, a simple solution to solving this problem.  And the American people have Michael B. Kraft and Brett Wallace to thank for the solution.  In an opinion piece entitled "Iran's choice: planes or bombs?"(Washington Times, Oct. 17, 2007)[ii],  they eloquently argue that the United States has legislation which suspends landing rights to "airports which pose a safety threat".  In addition, they argue:


"Section 11552 of the Federal Aviation Act allows the same revocation for service to any nation which aids a terrorist organization that threatens aircraft."


It is no secret that the Bush administration has been supporting a terrorist group in Iraq; the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK), listed on the State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Groups and has given them 'special persons status'[iii].   While the nation was coxed into waging a 'war on terror', Mr. Bush is giving protection to terrorists - our tax dollars support them in camp Ashraf.  Additionally,  the 'political arm' of the terrorist group MEK is in  Washington soliciting support from congressional members to replace the clergy in Iran.  They seem to have excellent PR and support.   


Furthermore, Mr. Cheney has shown his fondness for the terrorist militia -  the Jundallah.   The Vice President of the United States flew to Pakistan and in a meeting with President Musharraf discussed using the aforementioned terrorist group in order to undermine the Iranian regime[iv].  Terrorists are popular among the governing elite in the US as evidenced in the two examples here.  One must wonder when the Junballah will have their political office in Washington and put on their 'fight for democracy'. 


Given that the highest officials of this nation are aiding, and indeed, co-opting terrorists, according to Section 11552 of the Federal Aviation Act, service to the nation should be revoked.  This would eliminate threats, and 'death by suffocation' of innocent passengers at our airports.  The slipping of bombs and weapons at security checks would no longer be an issue, and billions would be saved.   Of course this would translate to total boycott of America and Americans, a travel ban, and aside from the ports and borders, America would be 'sanctioned' and isolated - but it would be safer.   


In their article, Kraft and Wallace would like to apply this piece of legislation to Iran.  Not because they would like to see a safe Iran, but because they would like to tighten the sanctions on Iran and impose an air boycott.   They would also like to see aviation spare parts and maintenance services cut off - maximizing air incidents and deaths. 


America has always been the land of entrepreneurship.   With extraordinary talent, bright minds came here and made this country a leading nation.    It is reprehensible that lately we have seen a dark side surface and prevail all the while devising legal ways to commit mass murder, torture, invade and destroy other countries.   Looking back, as the year 2000 approached, there was as much apprehension and fear in the air, if not more so, than there was the usual excitement of welcoming the new year.   Our worries were mostly about computer glitches.  Who would have thought that the year 2000 would bring with it the administration what would change the world and cause so much death and destruction?

[iii] US State Department Daily Briefing


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