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Laden Broujerdy - a fresh touch to watercolor

10/30/07 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

During the past few months, the Tehran art scene has been almost nonexistent except for the Golestan gallery and the Momayez gallery at the Artists Forum. Many galleries were closed for the summer. Then came Ramadan and again many stayed closed. So we have been suffering from a form of art famine for a few months and were looking forward to the new season opening in mid October.

For two weeks it seemed almost any new exhibition was a big disappointment. We walked in to several and just walked out again as we found the works were so below standard; or maybe it was just that we were being too choosey! This is one of the problems when there are so many new galleries in town and they wish to fill their diary for exhibitions. To add insult to injury, many young boys and girls who could only get to art courses at university, without having any true sense of being an artist or having much appreciation of art, upon finishing their courses are urged by family and friends to put up their "great" work on display and pain the art lovers with their homework which lack life and spirit and above all any relation to art.

Just as we were finishing our Friday afternoon pleasure, gallery hunting, after a succession of mediocre exhibitions, we went by chance to the Atbin Gallery and there I saw the watercolor works by a lovely young artist Ladan Broujerdy. I had met her before at an exhibition by Ahoo Hamedi; like her, Ladan uses watercolors beautifully and purposefully. Her whole exhibition explored different versions of the same theme yet each painting was tasteful, artistic and different in its own way.

When I asked her what influenced her for this exhibition she told me that she is fond of architecture as well as Masouleh (a village in the Alborz Mountains in Gilan province in the north of Iran). She is also very interested in nature.

I liked Ladan's work very much and I believe that she has a very good future as an artist even though she may have a long way to go, but she is definitely on the right path. I am sure you will join me in wishing this young active lady artist and mother great success in her future endeavors.

Here we have a few samples of her exhibition.

Atbin Gallery: No 12+1, Khakzad Str., Parkway Crssing, Valiasr Ave., Tehran Tel. 26210395 and email

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