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Persepolis to Represent France at Hollywood Oscars 2008!


Report from Paris, by Darius KADIVAR


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IT'S OFFICIAL, Marjane Satrapi's animated film "Persepolis" co-directed with Vincent Paronnaud and produced by 2,4,7 Films that earned the Jury Prize at the 60th Annual Cannes International film festival this year will officially represent France at the upcoming Oscars® in 2008. The CNC (CENTRE NATIONALE DE LA CINEMATOGRAPHIE) the commission whose members are named by France's Minister of Culture and Communication announced Monday the choice of Satrapi's film to represent France at the upcoming Oscars® in Hollywood next year.

The criteria of selection of a film at the Oscars® is as follows:

1)The film should be released between the 1st of October 2006 and the 30th of September 2007.

2)The Artistic control of the film should belong to nationals ( hereby French) representing the film.


The name and status ( in French) of the Seven Members of the French Commission in charge of the 2008 Oscars® are:


Frédéric BRILLION (Président de la Commission d'agrément)

Claude DURAND (Président de la Commission d'avance sur recettes)

Thierry FREMAUX (Délégué général du Festival de Cannes)

Margaret MENEGOZ (Présidente d'Unifrance Film international)

Alain TERZIAN (Président de l'Académie des arts et techniques du cinéma)

Marc TESSIER (Président de la Commission d'aide sélective à la distribution)

Laurent VALLET (Président de la Commission d'aide à la promotion du cinéma français à l'étranger).


"Persepolis" is due in US Theaters in December and no less than 40 countries are distributing it. It is already nominated for the European Academy Awards that will be announcing its Awardees on Dec 1st. Other Contenders to the Oscar® Statuette were Pascale Ferran's "Lady Chatterley" and Olivier Dahan's "La Mome" which tells the story of French Diva Edith Piaf, both of which have had Box Office and critical acclaim as Persepolis in France.


However the CNC's final choice was set on Satrapi's animated film about the childhood experiences of an outspoken Iranian girl growing up in fundamentalist Iran in the aftermath of Islamic Revolution of 1979 and following her life in exile in the West (Austria and France). Persepolis has drawn a Million Viewers in France rating it at the Top of the French Summer Box Office Hits. It also triggered controversy and protest from Iranian authorities who unjustly deemed the film as Islamophobic and anti-revolutionary.

It should be added that French actress Marion Cotillard, 31 years old, is also considered to run in the Best actress category given the success of the film overseas but that is still subject to deliberation by the Commission.


TOP: The Only French Stars to date to win an
Oscar®: Simone Signoret and Juliette Binoche.
Bottom: Régis Warnier's Indochine also starred
Catherine Deneuve in the title role.
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Some Background History:


With 34 nominations, France heads the number of nominations for an Oscar® in foreign film category. However the last time a French film was awarded was with Régis Wargnier's Indochine (also starring Catherine Deneuve) in 1993. As for French actress' who won the Gold Statue they were Simone Signoret (1960) for Room on the Top and Juliette Binoche (1996) Best Actress in a Supporting Role in The English Patient.


As for Iranian Nationals, to date Only Hollywood Star Shohreh Aghdashloo was nominated for her supporting role in The House of Sand and Fog in 2003, while Sound Engineer Kami Asgar was nominated for his work on Mel Gibson's Apocalypto in 2006. Two Iranian produced films were also nominated in the past: The People of the Wind directed by Anthony Howarth and narrated by James Mason in 1976 and Children of Heaven in 1997 directed by Iranian director Majid Majidi.



Kami Asgar, Shohreh Aghdashloo have been nominees for the Oscar®
Statuette as well as films like People of the Wind and Children of
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The submission of "Persepolis" still has meet the approval of The US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The entire selection will only be announced definitively in early January 2008.


VIVE LE CINEMA & Persepolis ! ;0)


Authors Notes:



Official Website of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars)


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About the Author:
Darius KADIVAR is a Freelance Journalist, Film Historian, and Media Consultant. He contributes OCPC Magazine and The MiddleEast Magazine.





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