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"US Interests"

By Brian Appleton, California


"US Interests" - Buried in these two words is the real problem with US foreign policy and that is frankly... its motives...


It is motivated by the greed of the neoconservatives, the capitalists, the military industrial complex who clearly all want one thing and one thing only, to get back control of the petroleum under the Iranians feet that happen to be in the way. They could not give a rat's ass about the Iranian people or their culture, and by demonizing Iran with propaganda and fear tactics they can muffle and subdue any objection that the American people may have about entering into another aggressive invasion. They can even convince everyone that it would make the world a safer place which is exactly what Mr. Bush said as a justification for invading Iraq i.e. that the world was better off without Saddam (their CIA appointee) and that the end justified the means; and to hell with international law and the US constitution, the ICBM Treaty, the World Court, the NPT Treaty and the Kyoto Accords or any other treaty or institution which might curtail the power and unaccountability of the USA.


I can distinctly remember the TV stations in the USA showing the US forces "securing" oil field after oil field in Iraq while the national museum and libraries were left unguarded and our common heritage of Western civilization was plundered by foreign antique dealers including American ones.


A childhood friend of mine who has a PHD in economics from John Hopkins University and whose father was a US career diplomat wrote me recently: "It's a real shame that there's so much ignorance in the country concerning events and trends outside the United States. I look forward to the day ( who knows when?) when we become truly engaged in a positive way, based on sound knowledge and analysis, with the rest of the world..."


I wrote him back and said that the problem is not the lack of knowledge, the problem is the motive...when the government speaks of "vital US interests" this means resources that we want that belong to other people and we don't give a damn about what is good for the people of other countries. In fact if someone becomes too patriotic like Mossadegh or Abdul Nasser, he is demonized, labeled insane and overthrown and a US puppet is installed or reinstalled. This is not the babbling of a wild eyed radical, this is what has happened again and again and again and authors like Noam Chomski and Michael Parenti and William Blum write about it.


Every time I see a sign or label that says "God Bless America" I realize that it means "and to hell with everyone else..." and then we wonder why Americans are not universally loved?


There is no desire for fairness or justice for all nations or to be part of a world community because the United States wants the upper hand over everyone, not to be an accountable, equal partner and the American people can all tell each other how democratic and peace loving and fair they are but that is not what the rest of the world thinks of us. To my knowledge Iran has not started a war this century except for perhaps putting down the independence movements of Iranian Kurdistan and Azerbaijan in 1947...while on the other hand while calling itself the world's (self appointed) policeman, the USA has invaded and bombed Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and others...we are the rogue nation not them...everything in this nation is designed to benefit the oligarchy, and while socialistic countries try to create policies which will deliver the most benefit to their people, here the policies and institutions are designed to benefit the top 2% while the rest of us are on a wage debt thread mill...we are the mice that keep the thread mill rolling to generate the electricity for the owners...3/5 of the economy is driven by consumer spending without which the entire house of cards along with the puppet masters would collapse which is why the advertising and media and lending institutions are so relentlessly dedicated to bombarding us with encouragement to keep spending and taking on more debt.


Despite all the propaganda against Iran, it has one of the best healthcare systems in the Middle East and Harvard is even doing a study of it...80% of the teachers in public schools are women and more women are employed now than during the time of the Shah. It is almost impossible for the average American reading public to get any accurate information about the real situation in Iran via the corporate owned media.


Americans have paid a very dear price for their technologies and their "high standard of living" and so has the rest of the world...paid for the American standard of consuming. Part of the price Americans have paid is a loss of community, meaningful lasting friendships, loss of extended family which is a huge problem because there are no relatives available to help each other to raise children or take care of their elderly and handicapped, etc. and everyone lives in isolation. On top of that they have no real spiritual insight or experience because the corporations can't make that into a consumer product and as a result Americans are so desperate for a spiritual life that they entrust their lives and incomes to TV evangelists and other cult figures who have no compunction against exploiting their followers.


It is not the first time in history that an empire has risen and lived by aggression, the Ottoman Empire managed to survive for 800 years by conquest until they finally ran up against two powers, one on each side of them ,Tamerlane to their East and the only time in history, a victorious Polish army helping to defend Vienna in the West, that they could not conquer and as a result with no place left available to plunder, their system finally collapsed...the important thing to realize is that every empire rises and falls...The Assyrians, The Egyptians, The Achameniads, The Macedonians, The Romans, the Arabs, the Aztecs, the Mongols....Napoleon, the British Empire, the USSR, The Third Reich" if you live by the sword, you die by the sword..."


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