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Soltanieh: Israel's nuclear abilities pose a serious threat to peace in the region and the world

TEHRAN, Sep. 22 (ISNA)-Iran's permanent representative to the IAEA said that the members of the Board of Governors finally came to this conclusion that they should make no further hesitation to give a serious message over Israel's nuclear capabilities.

Israel's nuclear abilities are out of any international safeguard and IAEA regulations and pose a serious threat to peace and security in the region and the world, Soltanieh added.

Herby is the full text of Statement by Dr. Soltanieh permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the fifty first session of the IAEA general conference.

"In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. President,

The world public is carefully monitoring our deliberation at the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the IAEA. The delegates to this gathering are fully responsible to let their fellow citizens and international community at large to know the truth, though painful.

Permit me to recall some factual events and information related to this agenda item:

1-Israeli regime attacks Iraqi's nuclear reactor in 1981

2-Iraqi delegation with the support of other Arab countries submitted a draft resolution to the Agency's General Conference to condemn the Israeli violation

3-In spite of the fact Iran was attacked by Sadam regime, with the support of the United States and some other western countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran, committed to principle, officially declared its support for the draft resolution,

4-United States as the Guardian of Israel, warned all sponsors of the draft resolution that if the resolution is tabled and then passed, it will leave the IAEA so that the Agency would collapse, due to financial crisis as the result of US decision.

5- The Islamic Republic of Iran officially declared that if the United States leaves the Agency because of the adoption of the resolution on condemning the aggression of Israel, Iran is prepared to compensate the financial shortage due to US giving up its Agency's membership.

6-Fortunately the resolution passed. The US, Israeli and French delegations left the hall of the General Conference, but of course they did not leave the Agency as threatened!

7- According the resolution the aggression was strongly deplored and the Director General was requested to report implementation of the resolution to the next General Conference

8-Further resolutions on consequence of Israeli military attack passed in the course of following General Conferences,

9- Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat was the title of the following resolutions where serious concerns were expressed.

10-All resolutions demanded prompt accession to the NPT and putting all nuclear facilities under the full surveillance of the Agency.

10-A draft resolution on Middle East was proposed about a decade ago though with some merits but practically diverted the attention from the potential threat of only non-party of NPT to the countries of whole region. The resolutions have been so mild that it was adopted by consensus.

11- As the result of tabling the resolution on Middle East, the presidential statement replaced the resolution on the threat of Israeli nuclear capabilities. Since the presidential statements had to be accepted by consensus, therefore the texts had no valuable legally binding provision.

12-Israeli prime minister acknowledged the possession of nuclear weapons.

13- The majority of Agency's Member States namely the Non-Aligned Movement strongly deplored the acknowledgement. The western countries kept silence.

14-The 1995 NPT Extension and 2000 Review Conference expressing serious concern, strongly call upon for prompt accession to the NPT and application of full scope Safeguards to Israeli nuclear facilities.

15-The Arab countries and other like minded Member States from all over the world came to conclusion that the above trend had to be corrected therefore they submitted a draft resolution on the " Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat " to the last session of General Conference. US and some other western countries challenged the righteous motion by no motion action! They also took the revenge by putting the same resolution on Middle East which was adopted unanimously in previous years on vote and voted against! No wonder! Since when one is not committed to any civilized principles and is so weak, to deal with a substantial matter through dialogue and negotiation will do so. Rather than removal of the legitimate security concerns of others and finding a peaceful sustainable resolution, it chooses temporary procedural option to block the process at the IAEA or uses the un-civilized language of threat, sanctions and instrumental use of United Nations Security Council.

The acknowledgment of possession of nuclear weapons by Israeli regime after last year General Conference was a result of such non action and a good example of the double standard policy of the West towards nuclear disarmament and non proliferation regime. While the majority of international community condemned that statement by the Israeli Prime Minister, the Western countries kept silent.

Mr. President, Distinguished Delegates,

The issue of the establishment of the Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Middle East, first proposed by Iran in 1974, has been trapped in a vicious circle. This status quo is the result of non-compliance of Israel with the international law and norms. The continuous support of US and silence of others vis--vis the atrocities, aggression, blood sheds, and violations of over 30 resolutions of the United Nations and the IAEA General Conferences is shameful and dark point in the history of the United Nations and the IAEA, the modern century at large. Furthermore, while Israeli's acknowledgment of possessing nuclear weapons confirmed the serious security concerns of the countries of the region during past decades in several resolutions, it is also a serious setback to the non-proliferation regime and the NPT and damage to the credibility of the IAEA. This all occurs simultaneously with discriminatory approach and double standard policy towards a party to the NPT, depriving from its inalienable rights enshrined in the Agancy's Statute.

Mr.President, Distinguished Delegates,

What we were witness at this conference is the result of our past mistakes which I listed a few of them and the lack of serious determination of Member States to protect the Agency's credibility. Almost all Member States have come to conclusion that a strong message has to be sent, without further delay, to the effect that nuclear capabilities of Israel being outside any international and control particularly IAEA full scope safeguards is a serious threat to regional and global peace and security. We therefore call upon all like- minded Member States who care about the independence, professionalism and credibility of the IAEA, as the sole pertinent technical international organization, to take serious collective corrective measure from now on, before it is too late!"

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