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Dolphins of Persian Gulf are in Danger

9/30/07 CHN Foreign Desk- 30 September 2007- Research Deputy of Hormozgan University, "Ehsan Kamrani" explains: although group death of dolphins is not a new phenomenon, but it is rare. Considering the variation in age and size of the bodies, disease could not have been the cause of their death, remaining human causes the only available source to blame. About cases like this, two hypotheses can be raised: one of them is chemical pollution of the water; the other can be fishing nets.

He further explains: Porsain fishing nets are usually used for catching Tuna Fish. But if they are not well cased, they can catch other types of fishes. Once a fish is trapped in these nets, there would be no escape.

Biologists and experts have been sent to the area and the returned specimens are in Tehran University for further investigations.

"Mohammad Bagher Nabavi", General Director of Marine Environment Bureau of the Supreme Council for the Protection of Environment, strongly believes the chemical pollution of Persian Gulf to be the cause of this disaster. But he also indicates that the choice of Group suicide is not completely deleted.

Nabavi blames the human causes for this disaster and believes in either case, the share of chemical pollutions caused by human activities in Persian Gulf is undeniable.

Three years ago and in an identical phenomenon, 64 corpses of dolphins were found in "Jaask".

Persian Gulf is now the habitat of 9 species of dolphins. Some of these species are in serious danger of extinction.

Mandana Javidinejad

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