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Charmed by Iranians during her Persian stay, French Star Juliette Binoche Compares them to Italians


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Juliette Binoche is currently starring in Abbas Kiarostami's next film The Certified Copy. Binoche and Kiarostami were introduced by MK2 topper Marin Karmitz and have been friends for many years since the Iranian Maestro won the Palme D'Or in Cannes in 1997 for his groundbreaking film The Taste of the Cherry. The Mideast has figured highly for Binoche of late. Thesp wrapped Amos Gitai's Israel-set "Disengagement" earlier this year and also visited Iran twice at the invitation of Kiarostami.


The French Star was interviewed recently for the French Edition of the Film Magazine Premiere in which she expressed her admiration for the Iranian film director's compatriots and country.

"Iranian Women are Up to Date with Everything and in tune with the West on nearly everything from film, Fashion to music" say's a highly positively impressed Binoche © & Jacob Duvernet Ed.


Below a freely translated version of the interview:


Copie Conforme aka Certified Copy is the title of my next movie which I will be shooting with Abbas Kiarostami in Tuscany. I play the role of an Art Gallery owner. The theme of the movie sets eyes at what is  perceive as an original item and what is a copy. However beyond that it is also dissecting the differences between Masculinity and Feminity between Adam and Eve and how each gender differs in their respective outlooks on Life in general. 


That is why I was very curious to learn more about Abbas' country, his mindset and the spirit and atmosphere in which he works as well as how women live in Iran. I went to Tehran twice and experienced very contradictory emotions. The first time I was amazed by how Iranian women were cultured and this appeared every time I had the opportunity to discuss with them. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING, are familiar with all kinds of music and have seen all kinds of films from all over the world. I love Persian Poets and was truly enchanted by so much culture and insight. Also I found strong similarities between Iranians and Italians: They love life, are enthusiastic, love food, speak loud and love to laugh. Also despite the fact that women are veiled, I was impressed by their degree of freedom. I wore the veil by respect for the country and naturally took it like a game for which I had to learn the rules.




The second time I visited the country, however, I realized how much the veil can be a burden and also a sign of oppression. I saw revolutionary guards arrest women deemed too "provocative". Most women however still manage to stay feminine and seductive and I noticed many wearing colorful scarves and put on elegant make up. Unfortunately the fact that the veil is mandatory, it forces them to be more discreet. One of the negative indirect consequences of being forced to put on the veil is that most women have been obsessed with nose Job surgery operations because the nose is what is the most visibly apparent characteristic. As a result those who can afford an operation are adamant to have one... When I read Abbas' script It made me think of some of the great dialogues from Igmar Bergman's Scenes of Marriages, this proves that truly Great directors cross frontiers.


Binoche is currently shooting in Kiarostami's upcoming film entitled Certified
Copy in French


Certified Copy is currently being filmed in Tuscany, Italy and will also Star French Film Star Sami Frey.




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