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Japan freezes 'nuclear-tied' Iran assets


Press TV -- Japan's Foreign Ministry says it has frozen the assets of Iranian individuals and bodies allegedly involved in Iran's nuclear program.

According to a statement by the Japanese Foreign Ministry, the country has frozen the assets of 12 organizations and 13 individuals allegedly linked to "Iran's sensitive nuclear activities and proliferation".

Japan has already blacklisted 23 Iranian organizations and 27 individuals since May 2007 as part of the UN Security Council sanctions against the Islamic Republic, AFP reported.

According to the statement, Mohammad Reza Naqdi, a former deputy chief in the Iranian army, is among the list of the blacklisted individuals.

The Abzar Boresh Kaveh Co. involved in the production of centrifuge components, and Joza Industrial Co., involved in the production of ballistic missiles are among the entities named in the list.

Under pressure from Washington and its allies, the UNSC has so far adopted three resolutions, imposing sanctions on the Islamic Republic, accusing the country of pursuing nuclear weaponry.

This is while Tehran maintains that its uranium enrichment program is solely aimed at producing nuclear fuel for its under-construction and future power plants.

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