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McCain vs. Obama, Old vs. New, America?

By: Debbie Menon


I've been switching channels listening to the McCain vs. Obama debates. They pit experience vs. change, tested vs. fresh, grey vs. green, one's heroism and the other's inspiration and of course as always flip-flop vs. flip-flop.


It won't be long before the presumptive presidential nominees go into full combat mode. Nor will it be long before independent groups of the far right and far left start up their attack machines, damaging both. Obama, would of course make McCain look like a hypocritical, clueless and warlike geezer, more of the old, while McCain would suggest that Obama is a naive, liberal and dreamy kid.  I like Obama's body language.  I saw him on stage with his own dems in the Senate and with Heads of State on his tour of the Middle East and Europe; He comes across to me as someone with a serious mission and passion, and as if he was just going through the motions! .


McCain is being presented as a genuine war-hero of great military knowledge and experience. I am not sure what depth of "Military experience" one actually gains by years of imprisonment in however punishing circumstances.  It is more than likely an experience which would affect one's mental stability. It is noteworthy that, the Military forces themselves have never made a great show of promoting former "prisoners of war" into high military ranks because of their imprisonment or tough guy experience or knowledge. None of them retired in rank higher than Captain, the rank which McCain retired in. Many officers of his qualifications, which are essentially nil, observing that they will never achieve "Flag" rank, chose retirement in favor of a political career, or cashing in on their "military career" while they are still young enough to pursue one. The fact remains, John McCain was a well-trained pilot in his youth, but that does not mean he is intelligent, which is not one of the criteria for selection to the Naval Academy, especially when your father is a second generation Naval Officer of the highest rank.


Obama on the contrary, is one of the fasted men in America off the intellectual rebound!  Thank God he lacks any of the "experiences" of John McCain, including the military, political, neocon, and Jewish/American mind-conditioning John McCain has so well adapted to.


Obama's got a big bounce out of his nomination win and his European tour. He needs to now barnstorm the country and propose real solutions to the many problems Americans find themselves in domestically and internationally.


Obama has the momentum and initiative to push for big policy ideas and really shake things up. Kerry and Gore despite their liberal stances on issues ran very timid races and most of the time they were on defense against Bush. Obama is expanding the democratic math and growing the party while exciting the public and drawing support. He's just what the democrats have needed - a candidate with big new ideas, but enough charisma and charm to bring moderates and conservatives along with him. Mccain and the repubs fear Obama because they know he's not afraid of them, that's why they have not yet challenged him to debates because if you put the 2 of them side by side split screen McCain looks old, boring, uninspiring, and stunted.  While, Obama looks inspiring, energetic, dynamic and sturdy and everyone seems eager to listen to what he has to say.


It will be interesting to see McCain go after Obama hard on a one -on-one, that should be good exposure. On stage, before the cameras, one-on-one, McCain will not lay a glove on him!  This will be a Mohammad Ali exhibition of the rope-s-dope against some alpha dog from Smackdown!


Both men are worlds apart when it comes to the issues as well. On matters ranging from Iraq and Iran, to health care and taxes, they have little in common.


Obama suggested that his early stance against the war in Iraq would strike a better contrast with McCain. That the war in Iraq was a mistake that diverted the U.S. from stabilizing Afghanistan.  He also signaled that he would hit McCain for reversing his opposition to President Bush's tax cuts.  Even his position on torture can be subjected to charges of flip-flopping. Obama could very easily make McCain look like just another status quo politician McSame! An American neocon hand-picked 2008 edition!


McCain argues that when a politician offers "only rhetoric" instead of "sound and proven ideas," the result is not a promise of hope. It is a platitude. This line of attack hasn't worked well for Clinton; American voters like platitudes if they're musical enough! Obama has won the democratic nomination while eschewing big lobbyist money, counting instead on the more renewable resource of small donors. Obama is a one-man campaign finance reform program. This ethic has led to The Democratic National Committee announcing that it will no longer accept contributions from registered federal lobbyists or political action committees. This certainly is a bold step toward solving the most essential political dilemma, the tainting of politics with money. This is a HUGE step in the right direction, which is more a measure of popularity with voters, young and old, than McCain's methods of large amounts from the wealthy, the privileged, the Lobby and the corporate are measure of his willingness to accept Big time Influential Bucks!  Ten, a hundred, or two thousand dollar checks carry no where "the clout" that a paid holiday in the Bahamas or a trip to St. Andrews for a round of golf, or a half million dollar purchase of Public media time in support of your campaign does!   Some complain, McCain has no convincing plan on health care.  Of course not, he is not, courting the public, he is courting the corporate.  His platform will be designed to appeal to the Corporate and the wealthy few, while Obama's will appeal to the public and the many. That's why Obama will roll over him like a Tiger Division rolling through France!


Others will try to poison the process by bringing in Obama's black-nationalist pastor one more time and playing on his muslim identity and willingness to talk to dictators, which could pretty much become background noise. Americans can elect a black President (or a woman), bigotry no longer runs that deep, and the problems and alternatives are higher than they have ever been.  But, having elected a black, no one is ever going to forget that the President is Black. It follows, that this being the reality of America and American politics, he should make as much advantage of those obvious and unignorable circumstances.


Obama, if he is sincere in what he has postulated as his fundamental principles (CHANGE), he will give Israel and the Zionist movement a hard time once he is "safely" in office. If he is what a lot of people have begun to call him.....all Americans can kiss their Red, White and Blue Flag goodbye, because four more years of accommodating Israel will have them embroiled in a nuclear war somewhere, and there will be no road back to the Republic. We will not know for sure until after the election. Watch for whom he appoints as Attorney General. If he is real, he will appoint a man of character and give him a charter to dig into the Lobby Industry with serious intent to prosecute Lobbyists and Legislators who are uncovered. I mean "prosecute," as in impeach, indict and send to jail! We shall see, shan't we?


There are far too many Republican vested interests that will do all they can to stop an Obama administration. They will be fighting tooth and nail to maintain as much of the status quo as possible. Remember Aesop... The Fox and the Fleas!  Keep in mind, Aesop was executed by the governing powers for his fables!  Failing which, we can look forward to some exciting days, and some incredible figures when the results are in!


About the author: Debbie is and independent writer based in Dubai.  She can be reached at:

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