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Princess Yasmine Pahlavi Presides Fundraising Charity Gala for Children Foundation


2008 The Foundation for the Children of Iran.  All rights reserved.



""He who saves a time...saves the world."... At times it has been said, by detractors of our generation of Iranians in Exile, that we were self Indulgent and cynical, We at the Foundation for the Children of Iran, beg to differ. We are witness to a generation who responded to our call, with generosity of spirit and enormous kindness ... Tonight you will leave this great hall, and you too will bear witness to the 17 year accomplishment of a generation of Iranians, who never forgot where they came from, never forgot who they left behind, never forgot their responsibilities, never forgot their priorities, never Forgot ..."


- Princess Yasmine Pahlavi's Opening Speech


"This Foundation will Always be about the Children It Serves,
rather than the People who serve it"

Nazie Eftekhari Opening Speech by Co-Founder at Gala Dinner - A glittering, happy and emotional event was celebrated last Spring in Washington D.C. commemorating the 17th anniversary of the Foundation for the Children of Iran co-founded by Princess Yasmine Pahlavi and aimed to express gratitude to all those who have helped to the success and humanitarian mission it has been pursuing in assisting to medical care for Iranian children living in Iran who for financial reason's cannot afford an adequate operation or medical treatment. 


The Foundation for the Children of Iran was founded in the United States in 1991 by a small group of Iranian immigrants. The purpose of The Foundation is to enable children from Iran or of Iranian origin to receive health care services in the United States. The Foundation attempts to provide medical services to indigent children where there is a reasonable chance of a reduction in morbidity or mortality. Further, The Foundation provides those services that are available in the United States, but are not available in Iran.


To date, The Foundation has been able to distinguish itself by securing health care services at greatly reduced prices or on a strictly pro bono basis. Additionally, the Foundation has managed to keep its administrative expenses to a bare minimum through the donated services of The Araz Group.

2008 The Foundation for the Children of Iran.  All rights reserved.



The Foundation has reviewed dozens of cases referred to it for consideration. A significant number of those cases have received medical services under the auspices of The Foundation for the Children of Iran in the state of Minnesota.


As part of its commitment to judicious use of resources, The Foundation completes an annual audited financial statement by a certified public accountant. These records are available for public inspection upon request. Since The Foundation is organized under IRS regulation pertaining to 501(c)(3) corporations, it abides by all rules pertaining to disclosure.


The Foundation for the Children of Iran has been the beneficiary of the good will and resources of numerous Americans, Europeans and Iranians. This best illustrates the inherent truth that while governments may quarrel, people are tied together by a common bond of humanity that is enduring and reflective of the higher self in each of us.


2008 The Foundation for the Children of Iran.  All rights reserved.


The Foundation acknowledges the inherent difficulties and enormous (and unpredictable) expense associated with patient care in the United States. To that end, the provision of medical care is solely focused in the State of Minnesota.

The activities for The Foundation for the Children of Iran are co-directed by Princess Yasmine Pahlavi and Ms. Nazie Eftekhari.


A Gala Evening of Fundraising for this Foundation was Presided by both Ladies and a number of donors, ranging from accomplished artists to famous designers amongst which Painter Ghass Rouzkhosh, Painter & Sculptor Nasser Ovissi, Shahla Dadsetan, Artist/Poet Sonia Balassanian, Nicky Nodjoumi, sculptor Bahman Dadkhah to name a few were amongst the 600 guests at the The Bahar Ball on April 12 2008 with the presence of Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi and family as well as Famed Iranian American TV Anchor Journalist Mrs. Rudi Bakhtiar.

2008 The Foundation for the Children of Iran.  All rights reserved.


You can see the Video of the Speeches delivered respectively by Ms. Nazie Eftekhari, Princess Yasmine Pahlavi, Miss Rudi Bakhtiar and Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi who during the event also conferred the Cyrus the Great Cylinder Award created by sculptor Nasser Ovissi to Iranian-American Rocket Scientist Dr. Firouz Naderi, PhD for his remarkable professional achievement and serving as a role model of success to the younger generation of Iranians.

Watch Video Speeches by Nazie Eftekhari, Princess Yasmine Pahlavi, Miss Rudi Bakhtiar, Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi and NASA scientist Firouz Naderi, Ph.D.  here:

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The Hosts were to conclude with the following message of thanks to all participants and generous donors of the evening:


"Dear Friends,


It is with a grateful heart and sheer delight we report the success of the Bahar Ball.


Our most ambitious fundraising event in our 17-year history was a magical which will not be soon forgotten!


We applaud each and every member of the Organizing Committee for their tireless efforts.  Without them, the Ball would not have been possible.


A very special thank you to our Corporate Sponsors for their gracious contributions.


To our extraordinary donors and supporters...we owe the success of the Bahar Ball to you.  There are no adequate words to express our appreciation.  The lives you save will be your legacy.


And finally, we acknowledge the enormous and enduring generosity and kindness of our Honorary Chair, Her Majesty Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi.  It is indeed a fitting tribute for all the years of devotion to her beloved children of Iran that the event held in her honor is in fact the most successful fundraiser in the history of the Foundation.


Please enjoy the few photographs and videos of the event which were rushed into production for this update.  We will be posting additional information, photographs, and video just as soon as we are able.


In the meantime, we thank you on behalf of the children and families we are privileged to serve. 


Ba Sepas,


Yasmine Pahlavi                                  Nazie Eftekhari"

2008 The Foundation for the Children of Iran.  All rights reserved.






Authors Notes:

Photos are © 2008 The Foundation For the Children of Iran.  All rights reserved.

How to Refer Patients   


Send by Facsimile a complete, current patient history and physical listing diagnosis and treatment plan (in English if possible). Also include actual x-rays, slides, pathology reports and other diagnostic results. If known, state the exact nature of the preferred treatment or course of action you are requesting.

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