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Romance between British Iranian Alexander Dellal and Monaco's Princess Charlotte Sets Off Paparazzi Scrutiny in European Press

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Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi (born August 3, 1986, at the Princess Grace Clinic in Monte Carlo, Monaco), also known as Charlotte of Monaco, is the daughter of HRH Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco and the late Stefano Casiraghi, an Italian industrialist. She is named after her maternal great-grandmother, Princess Charlotte of Monaco. Popular with the paparazzi and society reporters who find her stylish good looks to be reminiscent of her mother and maternal grandmother, American actress Grace Kelly. Although not titled herself, she is fourth in line to the throne of Monaco. However she has been in the Spotlight of the People's Press and Royalty Magazines in Europe for being romantically linked to Alexander Dellal the son of a wealthy British Iranian businessman and socialite. Whether or Not the romance between the two Lovebirds will last the Summer season is yet to be seen given that Monaco's Royalty has always had a long history of short lived romances particularly for the children of the glamourous Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The Current Monarch ( rather Prince ) Albert II for instance has yet not decided on whether or not to marry his latest Conquest a South African Olympic Swimming Champion turned Monaco Socialite: Charlene Wittstock. Pricess Charlotte's Mother Caroline firstmarriage to a French Playboy Philippe Junot against her parents will in late 1978 led to a divorce that jeapordized Monaco's highly religious ties with the Vatican. Eventually Caroline's subsequent marriages were to make headlines with more or less dramatic results. Princess Stephanie of Monaco the youngest of the Royal Princess' was also widely chased by Paparazzi's for her numerous and often unhappy Love Affairs. It seems that as wisdom seems to have finally appeared amongst the Monaco Elders that the young generation of the Grimaldi Family are now being scrutinized by the Paparazzi's unsatiable appetite for sensational news. The Time of Royal Glamour and Glitter so uniquely embodied by the beautiful Hollywood Star Grace Kelly turned Princess to the Shy and Handsom Prince Rainier III seems like a long lost age of innocence and nostalgic romance in comparison to the Superficial Jet Set World of Celebrities and Millionaires that Monaco has since become ...  

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Charlotte and her two brothers, Andrea and Pierre, grew up in the tiny Mediterranean principality ruled by their maternal grandfather, Rainier III of Monaco. When she was four years old, her father was killed in a boating accident. Distraught, Princess Caroline moved the family to the beautiful Midi village of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in France where the children grew up protected from the inquisitive eyes of the press.


At the age of five, her paternal grandparents, Giancarlo and Fernanda Casiraghi, gave her a small island off Sardinia reportedly valued at US $7 million, or $9 million according to one source.

IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY: Sister and Top Model Alice Dellal ©Imdb


In January 1999, she gained a stepfather when her mother married Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover. Six months later, Casiraghi's half-sister, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, was born at a clinic in Voecklabruck Austria. The family then moved to the Parisian suburb of Fontainebleau, to be closer to the Prince's children from a previous marriage, who live in London with their mother, Chantal Hochuli. Casiraghi continued to pursue show jumping, participating in a number of Junior and Amateur class equestrian competitions. Her then-trainer, Thierry Rozier, was quoted in the US magazine Newsweek saying that Casiraghi wanted to be seen as a serious show jumping athlete, rather than a socialite.


Monaco: Europe's Jet Set Paradise Photocomposition ©DK


Charlotte is of Italian, Monegasque and American heritage.


Casiraghi has been dating current boyfriend Alexander Dellal, son of wealthy property developer Guy Dellal and Brazilian supermodel Andrea, since March 2007. The twosome has attracted much of Europe's media attention, and are regularly photographed together. They are often seen shopping in Paris and attending social functions in London, where Dellal lives and works as a co-owner of a gallery. Interestingly another member of the Dellal Family, Alex's sister Alice Dellal a Top Model is said to also be romantically linked to Charlotte's Brother Andrea. So there seems to be a special affinity and friendship between the British Iranian Dellal Family and the equally Cosmopolititan Grimaldi's family.

Princess Grace (Kelly) and Prince Rainier of Monaco were good Friends of Iran's Imperial Couple including in the subsequent years of exile for Iran's Royal Family. Photocomposition ©DK


Lets wish the best for the two young lovers and that their Love Story will be a happy and enduring one under the Monégasque Sun.


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