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Iran, OIC to build satellite 'Besharat'


Press TV - Iran plans to build a new satellite in collaboration with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Iran's Aerospace Organization says.

The head of Iran's Aerospace Organization, Reza Taqipour says the country has plans to design and build a satellite called 'Besharat' in collaboration with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), IRINN reported.

Satellite carrier Safir 1

Taqipour criticized the West's reservations in putting Iranian satellites into orbit and noted that Iranian aerospace scientists worked hard in the last several years to achieve the goal.

Iran successfully launched its domestic satellite carrier, Safir 1, last weekend to join the small club of countries with such technology. Iran's Safir 1 launch was aimed at testing remote sensing, satellite telemetry, and geographic information system (GIS) technology as well as remote and ground station data processing.

Safir 1, also tested for carrying light cargoes into space, was the first in a series of modern satellite carriers that Iran aims to use for predicting natural disaster and improving telecommunications.

Taqipour also referred to Iran's plans to be the first in the region to launch a manned space mission before 2020 and said, "The first Iranian spaceman's trip to outer space is expected to take place within the next six to 12 years."

Taqipour said Iran's new capability will help all Islamic countries to launch their own satellites.

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