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The Doors of Yazd


By Syma Sayyah & Paul Sanford, Tehran



Yazd is a wonderful old city to wander around, and although the alleys that meander around between the buildings seem eerily quiet, you know that life is going on behind the doors.


Many of these great wooden doors have male and female knockers, so that the people inside could tell by the sound who was at the door.  In most cases the male knockers seemed to be much more used.



Some of the doors are painted white.   This was because during the Arabic invasion, the Zoroastrians in Yazd were allowed to continue with their religion, although they were discriminated against, had white paint splashed around their doors, could not have badgirs (wind catching towers) on their houses and curiously were not allowed to carry umbrellas.  Later it became the practice for local people to paint their doors white as well, in support of the minority.



We have some photographs of the doors of Yazd to share with you and hope that you'll enjoy them!


The above is the 3rd and last piece about a recent trip to Yazd by Syma and Paul. The other two parts are:

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