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Biography: Iranian Artist Shahpari Behzadi


Source: Gallery Mamak, Tahran

Born in 1973 in Tehran, Behzadi graduated from the Tehran Azad University of Fine Arts in graphic design. Her works epitomize simple abstract painting; she does not attempt to define her work within the scope of any one school. This painter seeks the ultimate pleasure in simply brushing the canvas with her paints and playing with textures. Behzadi spreads her forms across her canvas and delves into simplicity rejecting the rigid structures of any school of art. Her works tend to be teasing, serious, rigid or fluid but always defying classification.

In spite of their simplicity Behzadi's paintings demand the attention of the viewer because they carry within them exciting promises of pure color. Hence, her colors draw the eye and lead it to her lines which individually call our attention to themselves. Their varying sizes grasp the eye of the viewer and together with her colors the audience joins the painter to participate in her almost childlike feast of simplicity. Behzadi has held exhibitions in various countries ranging from Iran to Hungary and France. She is presently living and working in Tehran.

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