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Oldooz Robatian: An Intense, Deep and Attentive Young Artist 


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran



I do not go to my usual Friday gallery hopping as often as I used to, not just because we have been very busy but also because I am so tired of looking at many works that are devoid of any meaningful creation, in other words I am looking for art which is not manufactured and which must require time for reflection and creation.




Last Friday, after a long time, I came across the work of a young lady whose work touched me for its insightfulness and the devotion rendered towards its creation.  We were at the Golestan gallery where we saw works by the talented young lady artist Oldooz Robatian.  She has been painting since she was 14 and as well as learning her techniques at university she has for many years had special art classes taught by great masters to enhance her abilities to do her work most earnestly and continuously for several years. Now she thinks she must put all that learning into real practice.


Oldooz Robatian


I was surprised why she has not had any previous exhibitions if she has been painting for so long.  She thoughtfully replied, "I believe one must put on a show when one feels one has something to say"



The subject matter of her first exhibition was transvestites and when I asked why the works were so bleak, she said 'but this is what goes on in their lives'.  She has spent a few years getting to know them and becoming familiar with their inner selves, hopes and pains.  I personally have a great admiration for an artist who can take up the challenge of bringing a new understanding to life that is going on so near to us and yet we are so unaware of all that is going on.




Oldooz is a name of a character in one of Samad Behragi's books, and her mother, a retired teacher, chose it for her.  She has an older brother who is studying mathematics.   She was influenced by Francis Bacon and Egon Schiele.  Like many artists, she is quite sensitive and is very fond of sport - she told me that she would die if she could not paint or did not do sports.  Her favourite color is green not red even though she is very temperamental, she said.  She loves watching French films, reads Shamlou's poetry and like some of us enjoys her own company a lot, although she is quite a sociable person at heart.



I have a few samples of this young lady's daring work for you to enjoy, a couple of them I have chosen from her private collection that I received by e-mail.  I am sure you will join me in wishing her all the best of success in her future exhibitions, which I shall be most eager to see.


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