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Darius KADIVAR Reports from Paris, FRANCE



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" She's got a ticket to ride,
She's got a ticket to ride,
She's got a ticket to ride,
But she don't care. "

- Lyrics from Beatles Song " She's got a Ticket to Ride "


Each in his own right has earned the most Prestigious Film Award for a director: The Palme D'Or aka The Golden Palm at Cannes. Ermanno Olmi for The Tree of Wooden Clogs in 1978 Abbas Kiarostami for The Taste of the Cherry in 1997, and Ken Loach for The Wind that Shakes the Barley in 2006. Now the talented Trio of Italian, Iranian and British Cinema join forces to co-direct one film entitled Tickets with three parallel plots each with its own style and set in a train that travels across Italy toward Rome. On board are a family of Albanian refugees, a professor who daydreams conversations with a lost love, three brash Scottish soccer fans en route to a match, and a complaining widow traveling to a memorial service for her late husband, accompanied by a community service volunteer who's assisting her. Interactions among these Europeans turn on class and nationalism, courtesy and rudeness, and opportunities for kindness. Each Story has its own specific charm in this Train Movie ( as opposed to the classic Road Movie) that combines the impressionist camera of Olmi, the topographic precision of Kiarostami and the social preoccupations of Loach.




If this experimental movie proves anything it is most probably that in ART and particularly on film, different styles or visual obsessions can connect and even complete one another through personal cinematic transitions while pursuing different goals.


Will Tickets Lead to other cooperation's between the three Maestro's in the Future ? Let's Hope so ! In the meantime it can be enjoyed like Good Wine !




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Darius KADIVAR is a Freelance Journalist, Film Historian, and Media Consultant.

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