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Is America Ready for the First Woman President?

By Sina Alavi

The short answer is Yes, with a lot of help. Traditionally, a US president is a red-blooded WASP who has served in armed forces and has a sound record of serving the public for many years- with the exception of the past two presidents who were draft dodger or pseudo national guard serviceman.

What has changed in the the past six elections is the diversity of the candidates- mainly on the Democratic side; otherwise, Republicans are still following the same WASPy mold for candidates. Republicans definitions of diversification is to offer Mormon and Catholics for candidates.

To be fair to other parties- and there is a good number of them out there- they do offer candidates with all kinds of ethnicity. But, in reality, most Americans look for R's and D's when they're in voting booth- and that pretty much kills the notion of diversity.

So, how is a candidate outside the expected profile to get elected with existence of such strong hold from the main two parties. Having one of these two parties offering a candidate outside the expected profile would be the first step. In the past two decades, we have seen Democrats offer a diversified ticket. In 1984, we had the first female vice president. In 1988, we had a candidate, with a Jewish first lady. in 2000, we had the first Jewish vice president candidate. in 2004, we had the first Jewish president candidate. the results of these elections are definitely very encouraging given the fact all these candidate were fielded by the Democratic party.

Jack Kennedy and Nixon were the only exceptions to the rule and that was mainly contributed due to their family and political pedigree, respectively. Of course, to give credit to Republicans, back in 1964, Republicans did have a Jewish candidate for president.

And now for 2008, we have our first female presidential candidate, and this candidate has the political pedigree to have her elected, but that is far different than Kennedy and Nixon. It is inconceivable for an average American to have a woman president as the leader of the "free" world. Not a lot of people in big cities, like New York or Los Angeles may agree with this statement, but they are the same people who misread American people in 2004 election.

So, why Democratic party is taking a chance again with a woman on presidential ticket. Is the time right for taking this chance? Has the demographic of the country has changed to favor this ticket?

The answer is in many folds, the first thing is that presidency has changed. Being a US president it is not like it was prior to 1990's.

What we have experienced in the US presidency, beginning with Clinton's first term up to now, with Bush's second term, the role of the president has become more of a figure head than a commander-in-chief. It may appear to average American that the president is in charge as it has always been, but the reality is that they are being led into making critical decisions. The main stream media, i.e. CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC...which are controlled by interest groups help to build the image of candidates who are Malleable to their agenda. It is the same job as making another Britney Spear, Christina Aguilara, or Backstreet boys. The contest should be between two candidates so it really does not matter who wins, and that is what we witnessed in the last two elections.

So then, what are the criteria for selecting the candidates as front runners. Well, the criteria definitely does not have anything to do with what's good for America or Americans. Actually, it is very easy to identify what's going on in American political landscape these days- it is Neo-Con/Neo-Lib Rating, that is the degree of control this "interest group" has over the candidates from domestic to international issues. The other factor is the Pro-Israeli position which is determined by the "Helicopter Ride" factor. Candidates who have gone to Israel and taken a Helicopter Ride of the country get a high mark. This ride is like an initiation for the pledges to get the candidate blessed as a legitimate future president. Last candidate who did that was Obama a few months ago.

Looking at the fielded candidates from both parties, the names acceptable to the interest groups would be- from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama. Even though Senators Biden and Dodd get acceptable grades to be front runners but they know there is no way in hell they get the support of interest groups- they just have too many skeletons in the closet- they are just in the race to give legitimacy to the whole process.

John Edwards is the only threat to the interest group and in the worst case, he can be bought very easily- after all he used be a trial lawyer.

As for the Republican party, Rudolph Giuliani gets the nod. Just check out his Foreign Policy Advisor- Norman Podhoretz- this guy already have planned out the invasion to Iran. Also, John McCain gets the nod. After all Joe Lieberman threw his support for John McCain. Joe Lieberman is another one of those who has his own plan to invade Iran. I think he dates Norman Podhoretz.

So, how do you pit Hillary Clinton against Rudolph Giuliani.

Step one is to make sure Hillary gets the nominations of her party. To do that, you'd need to promote another candidate in Democratic Party as the main contender who would appear to give Hillary run for her money and you need to make sure this contender always trails Hillary. In this manner all the other unwanted candidates like John Edwards or Mike Gravel, and the others stay in single digit votes. For this purpose, the high profile contender is Obama, an African-American, someone who a lot of American people have reservation and hesitation to vote for.

Once Hillary is nominated, she has a great chance of beating Guiliani. Then again, at that point it really does not matter who gets in the White House- by the time these two are running against each other we all have lost. The only prayer we have is pull a holy book out and pray. The only bright side is that America will have the first woman president in the White House.

Candidate Neo-Con/ Neo-Lib Rating Helicopter Ride Factor Notable Notes
Rudolph W. Giuliani A++ A++ Guiliani, an eye-talian American. A God sent candidate for New Yorkers with super neo-con genome. Somebody hands him a Superman outfit, he is here to save us- of course when he is not busy with lady friends and spending your tax money for their protection.
Mike Huckabee D- F Preacher with high moral values. Hollywood would not like that. No prayer for Mike, no pun intended.
Duncan Hunter C C This guy must have a bad marriage and he is in this to stay away from home.
Fred Thompson B C Hollywood Fred. This guy never uses up his minutes in debates- I guess he is looking for cues from his director. But, he is fun to watch.
Mitt Romney A++ C Mitt Romney...Hillary of Republican party. This guy changes his mind more than Clintons on issues. He must be a distant cousin of Clintons. Let's call him Mitt Clinton. Mitt Romney claims to be a self made business man. Never mind the fact his daddy was a wealthy Governor who ran for President.
Tom Tancredo C C Filler candidate. He was a one trick pony with his illegal immigrant issue and he knew it. He missed having mama's spaghetti on campaign trail so he exited early.
John McCain A+ A+ A legend in his own mind. You would think after spending years as a POW, something would tell him war is bad and killing innocent people is not nice. This guy is not even sure if Waterboarding is torture (torture practice used by Spanish inquisition known as Tortura del agua.)
Ron Paul F F The problem with Ron is that he is running for President of United States and he believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He is not aware that modern Republican party (or Democratic Party) considers constitution just piece of paper.
Sam Brownback A++ A++ Sam Brownback (fondly known to Iranian-American as Sam the scumbag, for his anti-Iranian postures). Even his party realized that he is a mistake. He realized that he was a mistake and exited the race.
Hillary Clinton A++ A++ Jewel of the crown. The one who can deliver all the promises for new-liberals(neo-cons) and takes us to promise land, literally.
John Edwards B B Edwards is the only WASPy candidate in the bunch for Democrats. He actually could be a good contender for the race to the White House.
Joe Biden A A I wonder if he would lie about his Master's degree like he did last time he ran for President. He also plagiarized some of his speeches last time around.
Barack Obama A++ A++ The diversity candidate for next 20 years since Jesse Jackson is busy with his paternal responsibilities. Look up Barack's middle name- not very appealing to a lot of voters.
Christopher Dodd A A I wonder what percentage of Lieberman voters voted for him. We know what Lieberman wants to do. Bring peace by starting WWIII.
Mike Gravel D D A French-Canadian immigrant as a president sounds problematic in all the levels.
Dennis Kucinich F F Too Pacifist to be a president. Hey, we're trying to start another war, there is no use for somebody like him.
Bill Richardson C C He may be a Richardson, but no prayer for a Latino candidate for another 20 years.

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