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Damavand Registered a National Heritage of Iran

07/20/08 Photos by ISNA

PRESS_TV - Iran's Mount Damavand, the highest point in the Middle East has been designated as the country's first National Natural Heritage Site. At an elevation of 5,628m (18,406ft), Mount Damavand is Iran's highest peak. It is a dormant volcano, which was active in the Quaternary Period.

Located in the middle Alborz Range near the coast of the Caspian Sea, it is the highest peak in the Middle East and the tallest volcano in all of Asia.

The Damavand peak is shrouded in snow throughout the year. The most important thermal springs on its slopes are Ab Ask and Larijan.

Damavand is the symbol of Iranian resistance against foreign domination in Persian poetry and literature, with numerous references in the counry's most important epic work, Ferdowsi's The Book of Kings, as well as being eulogized in many other literary and mythological contexts as the symbol representing the national pride and independence of the Iranian nation.

Iran's Mount Damavand was submitted to UNESCO's tentative list for registration as the country's first Natural World Heritage Site.

Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) believes the world registration of Damavand will help protect the diverse flora and endemic species as well as the endangered plants growing around it gorgeous slopes.

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