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By Kam Zarrabi, Intellectual Discourse - The carcass is not even there yet but the assembly of the hungry vultures is already abuzz with a crescendo of excitement. It is AIPAC's extraordinary gathering, where high profile politicians of every rank, color and party affiliation are competing in a humiliating ritual dance of subservience to the Israel lobby.


They take turns to perform their choreographed routine of first worshiping the sacred cow, then vowing to stop at nothing to confront and punish Israel's ill-wishers and, finally, reaffirming America's total, unequivocal and unbreakable ties with the Jewish state as the tiny tail that must continue to wag the big dog forever. The whole parade reeked of so much sleaze and slime that it would make anyone with a modicum of integrity cringe. 


Of course, on top of this masquerade's agenda was the "existential threat" that Iran is supposedly posing to Israel. The current American administration's term is expiring fast and time is running out for saber rattling and chest thumping to translate into a real military onslaught on Iran before the next president takes charge of the White House.


The deceptively timid-looking and mild mannered Zionist weasel, Joe Lieberman, could be seen in the background smiling with approval as the Republican presidential hopeful, John McCain, looking older than his age would warrant, pledged allegiance to the Zionist regime in his transparently shallow adoration of Israel.


Barack Obama, a much more capable and convincing orator, knowing fully well what he was up against, attempted to show that he was not about to take second seat to anyone when it came to supporting Israel. As before, he was choosing his words carefully. He left no doubt in anyone's mind that, as President Obama, he would use any and all means at his disposal to prevent a nuclear armed Iran from posing a threat against Israel.


Secretary of State, Condy Rice, voicing the current administration's foreign policies, was determined not to be outdone in demonstrating her suspicions and mistrust of the Iranian government. She reiterated the Administration's policy of not negotiating with states that support terrorism and insist on developing nuclear weapons; in other words, the same old parroting of the same old unsubstantiated allegations.


These, as well as other similarly accusatory and alarm-raising speeches against Iran, were interrupted every few seconds by applause and standing ovations by the huge crowd of APAC members and guests. They all want war with Iran and they all want it now, before the oven of political and campaign rhetoric cools off.


You don't have to be a political scientist to see that neither McCain, nor Obama or any other high profile speaker for that matter was doing more than paying lip service to an audience that reflects the most powerful political lobby in Washington, which quite unabashedly represents the interests and mandates of a foreign state.


A seasoned politician like McCain surely knows that his bellicose anti Iran rhetoric that he spewed during his presidential campaign was simply necessary for him to stay in the race. He is not really as senile as his illogical statements reflect, and he is certainly not an ignorant or uninformed man to truly believe in the nonsense he has been proclaiming. It is one thing when, to win campaign points, he compares Iran's diminutive president Ahmadinejad with Hitler and alleges that he, a man with no such executive authority, intends to wipe Israel off the face of the map; but unless you think he is an idiot, what he honestly believes must be quite different.


Obama is a shrewd and crafty young politician. Listening to his speech, he is careful in how he strings his words together. He vows to employ the United States' entire might to prevent a nuclear armed Iran to pose a threat to Israel. He could have also vowed to rise to Israel's defense in case of any threat posed by alien space ships from distant galaxies! He is clearly aware that Iran is not a nuclear armed state and is as unlikely to initiate an attack on Israel or anyone else, even if it were nuclear-armed, as are our imaginary space travelers! So, the man is really not saying anything at all. Nevertheless, he has covered his ass, so to say, by making that pledge.


The problems is, the Israelis and their Zionist supporters here see and understand that, too; and hence, the frenzy in Washington. The recent flood of Israeli officials visiting Washington, addressing the United States Congress and staging such powerful media events as the current AIPAC extravaganza, all point to the heightened urgency of the situation at this time.


There is nothing new, of course, about Israeli politicians frequenting Washington, addressing joint sessions of Congress, or having personal chats with the President, seemingly at will and without notice. The old cliché of Washington being another Israeli occupied territory is certainly more than a joke.


Two factors make the current frenzy of pro Israel pronouncements and pledges by presidential candidates and high profile politicians from both political parties especially significant. One is the quickly closing window through which a preemptive attack on Iran appeared imminent; and the other is the potential softening of the tone in American administration's policies in the Middle East once the baton is passed to Mr. Obama or even to the more hawkish Mr. McCain.


The Israeli leadership does not consist of a bunch of fools. They know fully well that pledges of loyalty and support by the American leadership and leaders to be are not much more than hollow political gamesmanship. They know America doesn't want war, not another disastrous blunder, this time with a much more potentially formidable foe, Iran. So, why this charade? Why beat the war drums louder and openly campaign so much harder to encourage a war that they know more than anyone else would spell disaster for all concerned, including Israel's own best interests?


The fact is that they are not; that is not the outcome they are looking for.


This is a chess game in a grand scale. The Israeli regime has a shopping list at hand and expects to bargain the best deal it possibly can. What does Israel want that the United States could offer?


Kam Zarrabi is the author of
In Zarathushtra's Shadow

To start, Israel wants the United States to continue pressuring Iran to fully comply with the mandates of the UNSC, mandates that were imposed on that international body by the US, regarding its nuclear activities. Even though there is no evidence whatsoever of Iran's atomic weapons development, a full transparency that would satisfy the United States, meaning Israel, would mean the opening of Iran's military and defense infrastructure to the eager and hungry eyes of Iran's enemies or the enemy, Israel. This would literally neutralize Iran's capacity for self defense in case of a preemptive attack by Israel. This is something that, not just Iran, but no sovereign nation could possibly agree to. Aware of the inevitable rejection of such compliance by Iran, this demand ensures a prolongation of economic and diplomatic strangulation of Iran, much to Israel's pleasure.


Next, Israel wants to pretentiously keep the Two-State solution to the Palestinian dilemma on the negotiating table, fully intending to create enough stumbling blocks in its path to delay its implementation for the foreseeable future, meanwhile continuing to expand its illegal settlements and to further isolate and marginalize the Palestinians. With America's corroboration, the blame for any failure to negotiate a workable peace agreement would, as before, be put on the Palestinians.


To accomplish this, resistance groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as their supporters, Syria and Iran, must continue to pay a high price for opposing Israel's agendas. And, as it is quite evident, they have all been paying a very high price for their defiance.


No doubt, Israel's objectives will continue to be met by the next American administration, as well. The United States cannot meaningfully change its long established policies toward the Middle East overnight. Again, the Israelis know that very well and do not really fear a change in America's stance toward Israel's antagonists to come about anytime soon.


Israel's shopping list or the list of expectations, even demands, has gained a remarkable level of legitimacy in the public eye, exactly where it matters, when it is shown against the backdrop of the prevailing propaganda that has been generated and perpetuated by the mass media, especially during the current presidential campaigns.


So the stage is set. As portrayed to the public, America's best friend and ally is simply making very reasonable requests for support from its superpower guardian and benefactor to defend itself against the monster, Iran. The American public is led to support the idea that, under these circumstances, the least the United States could do is to give its little ally all it can. Unprecedented pledges for missile defense systems and other high tech military hardware have already taken place. Increased economic contributions are underway, and the diplomatic support that Israel undoubtedly needs to shelter itself against condemnation by the international community for its misbehavior will be guaranteed.


Any Israeli action against Iran will understandably be regarded by the Iranian regime as an American sanctioned and supported attack, for which the United States interests will be put at great risk. And, as long as the potential exists that Israel might take matters in its own hands and strike at Iran, as high ranking Israeli officials have threatened to do on numerous occasions, the tail can blackmail the big dog to wag as the tail pleases.


America doesn't want that and, to keep the little devil from forcing the issue, satiating its ever increasing appetite by paying whatever ransom it demands seems to cost a lot less than falling into its trap in yet another unnecessary war.


As it appears, Israel is once again getting what it wants, perhaps even more than it is bargaining for, and that is a tribute to their political maneuverings in the American stage, thanks to the power of its lobby, AIPAC. Quite ironically, Israel's success in procuring what it demands from the United States makes a potential preemptive attack on Iran less likely.


I cannot quite come to terms with the idea that Israel's blackmailing of the United States might actually be a blessing in disguise! It is a hard pill to swallow. How much longer this one-sided passionate love will last and at what cost to America's best interests, are anyone's guess at this time.


Will Obama prove to be another social climber like Condy Rice, resort to anything to put his mark on history books as a non-WASP who could, and sell out the nation's best interests to achieve this ambition? I certainly hope not.


Will John McCain, should he win the elections, prove to be a real patriot in his old age and stand up to the Zionist cabal around him, represented best by his ever-present shadow, Joe Lieberman, the way he stood up to his inquisitors when he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam? If he was truly a war hero then, he has the potential to be a true patriot now.


Kam Zarrabi

Kam Zarrabi is the author of In Zarathushtra's Shadow and Necessary Illusion. He is available to conduct lectures and seminars on international affairs, particularly in relation to Iran, with focus on US/Iran issues, at formal and informal gatherings or academic centers anywhere in the country. To make the necessary arrangements, please contact him at More information about Mr. Zarrabi and his work is available at:


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