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"Tragedy of Democracy in Iran" put on trial - The court session for studying the accusations of persons involved in the publication of the book "Tragedy of Democracy in Iran" was held in the branch 1083 of Tehran's general court chaired by judge Hoseynian.


Emadedin Baqi, author of Tragedy of Democracy in Iran


According to ISNA, Emadedin Baqi, who had previously been sentenced to three years of jail on charges of publication of lies and a one year jail on charges of propaganda against the system, was present in the court as witness. Khosro Talebzadeh, chief of the book section in the culture and Islamic guidance ministry, on charges of participating in publication of lies, and Homa'i, the director of Nay Publishers, on charges of conducting the act of publication of lies, were the accused in this court.




Homa'i said: The book had the permission for publication from the ministry of Islamic guidance. After the expiry of the date of its permission, it was published illegally; I have reported this to the prosecutor in a letter.


Hoseynian said: Having the permission to publish a book is not enough. There might be lies and insults in a book which the Islamic guidance ministry has already permitted to be published; you, as a cultural figure, should read the book yourself.



Homa'i's lawyer explained: According to the law, the Islamic guidance ministry is responsible for the content of the books and this is why two copies of every publication are sent to the ministry before being distributed.


The judge pointed to two issues in this file, one being the illegal publication of the book under the name of Nay Publishers and the other was the publication of the book with the ministry's permission in the first place. He added: You should have complained before the case was brought up by the prosecutor.


Homa'i insisted that he had reported the case to court as soon as he became aware of the illegal publication of the book.


Judge Hoseynian


Emadedin Baqi, the author of Tragedy of Democracy in Iran added: There were no complaints when the book was legally published by Nay Publishers, but after banning the book, it was published in the black market under the name of Nay Publishers. I was summoned to court, from the prison, to explain the case.


Baqi further explained that he was tried twice for writing the book.


The judge addressed Homa'i saying that he had to file a complain because of the illegal publication of the book and that he had to prove that the book was not published by him.


Talebzadeh said: Once a book is published a permanent permission card is issued by the ministry so that there would be no need for a new permission for the next publications.


The judge said: Mr Homa'i had to complain before the prosecutor accused him, but he complained afterwards; anyway the publication of this book is illegal, with or without permission, because it contains subjects which are not true and could not be approved. You should not have published this book.




Hoseynian pointed out to the fact that: The topic of murders mentioned in this book, in which the intelligence ministry was aware of, is against the interests of the country and if presented to the international committee of human rights, could be a document against our country. He added: You should have informed the intelligence ministry about the content of this book.


Talebzadeh answered: This topic was broadly discussed in newspapers a few years ago and there was nothing new in this book regarding this matter.


Hoseynian asked: Where are the Fatwas issued for serial murders which are mentioned in the book?


Baqi answered this question by saying: I have been interrogated extensively on this point and have heard the declaration of those accused of serial murders in the prison and have reported them in my letter to Mr Shahroodi.


Hoseynian asked him to explain the Fatwa issue, but Baqi answered by saying that his defences is longer than the two volumes of the book which was not accepted by the court and as a result he was sentenced to two years of jail and is now passing his sentence in  jail.



Note: Original article published in Persian by ISNA.
Translated for by BMarz translators:

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