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Rafsanjani proposes nuclear negotiations without preconditions

Tehran, March 14, IRNA - Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani stressed on Friday only proper solution for Iran's nuclear issue is negotiations without preconditions.

Addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers at central campus of Tehran University, Rafsanjani referred to the issuance of the 3rd UN Security Council resolution against our country and the stubborn stand adopted by the United States and its allies towards Iran.

He added, "During the course of the unconditional negotiations, if there would be any remaining ambiguous points they would be clarified, and if there won't be any, they would be urged to permit a country like Iran, that intends to take advantage of modern technologies, to purse its activities."

Hashemi Rafsanjani referred to the interactions between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Board of Governors, arguing, "Iran has no problem working with the IAEA, that has received the answers to its entire questions."

He added, "Before the issuance of the 3rd resolution against Iran new questions were posed in form of accusations that created more complications in Iran's nuclear file and led to the issuance of the 3rd resolution, and the meaning of that move is quite clear for Iran." This week's Friday preacher of Tehran further elaborated, "Of course, the IAEA Chief Muhamed Elbaradei, too, did not observe pure transparency in preparing his report and referred to certain points that provided footholds for some circles."

The Speaker of the Leadership Experts Assembly said, "The Secretary General of the Atomic Agency has referred to many facts in his report, that is one of positive points of his report, but he has also referred to certain points that are among the negative aspects of his report and should be criticized."

Hashemi Rafsanjani added, "If we have not focused on problematic parts of that report so much so far it has been because we have not intended to ignore its positive points due to the existence of its weak points."

He once again addressed the Americans, arguing, "The losses you have suffered due to adopting such policies regarding Iran's file have been much greater than the losses that the Islamic Republic of Iran has suffered."

The interim Friday Prayer leader of Tehran referred to the internal developments in the United States and the sharp fall of the US dollar, pointing out, "The US President, Mr. Bush has confessed that rapid fall of the dollar value has led to economic recession in his country and that the unemployment rate in America has gone up." Hashemi Rafsanjani further focusing on internal developments in America, said, "The Americans have also confessed that they are trapped at a dead end street in Iraq, since if they would evacuate their forces they would face new problems and if they would remain the sky rocketing expenses of war and the economic pressure would be too much for them."

He added, "The Americans have reached dead ends also in Lebanon and in Palestine. The status quo in Palestine is not so pleasant for Israel, because a large part of Israel, including Tel Aviv is within the range of Hezbollah's missile attacks."

The provisional Friday Prayer of Tehran said, "The Americans are also entangled in a worst dead end in Afghanistan, than anywhere else in the world. A large number of NATO forces from many countries are present in Afghanistan and the NATO officials have confessed that they have achieved no goals there, whereas the Taliban have got more active and the narcotic drugs' trafficking has multiplied." Speaker of the Leadership Experts Assembly posed the question:

What have the Americans gained out of their adventurism in the world so far that they seek another adventure in Iran?, adding, "No one is able to uproot the tree of knowledge that gets stronger with the passage of each new day."

He also advised the Americans to think twice about the historical experience they have gained and to face the realities more rationally so that the world nations, too, would have an easier time dealing with the problems with which they are entangled rationally.

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