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Beglarian elected as MP of Armenian minority of southern Iran


Isfahan, March 16, IRNA - Provincial election headquarters announced on Sunday that Robert Beglarian was elected as the representative of Iran's Christian Armenian minority for southern Iran.

Beglarian won the majority of the received votes in the parliamentary election held nationwide on March 14, the headquarters said in a statement.

Beglarian won 2,503 ballots out of the total 2,583 votes cast, added the statement.

Iran's Christian Armenian minority consists of two groups including Armenians of Tehran and northern parts of Iran as well as those of the southern parts of the country.

Beglarian represents Armenians of southern Iran.

Christian Armenians have two seats at Iran's 290-seat parliament while other religious minorities (Zoroastrians, Jews and Assyrians) have one representative at the county's legislative body.

About 3,000 of Christian Armenians of southern Iran were eligible to vote.

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