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On George Bush's Norooz greetings

By Ali Parsa

طبیعت را پیامی هست درهرفصل نوروزی
فراده گوش دل را تاکه حکمت هابیاموزی
زچشم د ل بیفکن پرده زشت کدورترا
که در اغوش خود یابی تو زیبایی وپیروزی
شعرازخودم . عاشق رباعی .پارسا

Mother Nature reminds us each Norooz,
Forget the past, its grudges and blues.
Each day is a new beginning in the game of life,
Delving in the past is a sure way to lose.

My own rubaai O.K. style March 2008

The focal point of our Persian culture is that life is a struggle between the forces of good and evil-Colonial powers and freedom lovers. It is apparent that the founders of America, our adopted home shared our values as evidenced by defeating the forces of the greatest evil empire of their time. Those gallant men did not mind being called 'terrorists', neither they gave up struggle in spite of high high price on their heads. That struggle still goes on and will go on forever. Sadly, America has gradually lost its men of conscience and integrity to the point that it has been on its way to become a new colonial power, a bully and a self-anointed policeman of the world-a far cry from America, the Liberator in the past.  . When president Eisenhower warned America of upcoming Military-industrial complex, one-man rule and defeat of "government of the people" he predicted our present sad predicament that threatens not only America, but the world.

Only those who knowingly or otherwise have their heads in the sand will deny the present self-defeating course of America. How can informed and educated people still call America a force of democracy when its commander in-chief is leading an over-crowded world stricken with ignorance, poverty, disease, to total death and destruction. Much worse, depriving its own people of education, health, infrastructure and killing and maiming its young and bankrupting America.

The following is a quote from Karel Beckman in European Energy Review:

"Is the U.S. a force for moderation and democracy in the world? Unfortunately, the historical record does not bear this out. Since the end of World War Two, the U.S. has supported dozens of murderous dictators both financially and militarily: for example, Joseph Mobutu of Zaire, Augusto Pinochet of Chili, Suharto of Indonesia, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, the Shah of Iran, Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua, Fulgencio Batista of Cuba, and dictatorships in Greece, Portugal, Pakistan, Egypt, and many other countries. In 1954 the CIA sabotaged the elected government in Guatemala. The U.S. invaded Panama in 1989, killing 3,000 to 4,000 civilians. It trained and supported death squads in El Salvador. It supported the Taliban, brought the Ba'ath Party to power in Iraq, and sold material for chemical weapons to the regime of Saddam Hussein."

About 500 B.C. hypocrisy and lies were considered the biggest enemy of mankind. Cyrus the Great and Darius included in their prayers, "May God protect this empire from lies, enemy and drought."

So, thanks but no thanks to GW's greetings that reminds me of Gorbeh Zahed or Choopaneh dorooghgoo (the Shepard who cried wolf).

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