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Ananda:  A quiet vegetarian restaurant in Tehran's south Ekhtiyarieh


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Just south of Ekhtiyarieh square on the corner of Behestan 10th Street there is a nice and quiet place to eat and you would appreciate it even more if you are vegetarian. The restaurant is called Ananda and it has been there for a few years and although I have mentioned Ananda in my articles in the past I have not written specifically about it.

Recently we have taken some of our guests there and I arranged a business lunch and to meet up with friends there, therefore I find it almost a duty to share more information about it with my readers who judging from the emails that I get seem to appreciate knowing about different places to eat in Tehran.

They serve many different pizzas, but I recommend that you try their Ananda tray which is a collection of several small portions put nicely on a round tray in small bowls. It includes pollo and khorousht rouz (rice with the day's veggie stew), salad, soup, dessert as well as natural drinks and tea (normal or their special blended) afterwards. You can order any of these separately too. They serve very good zayton parvadeh (olives in pomegranate sauce) and my favorite dish is the spinach lasagna. I tried the calzone and it is good too.

The ambiance is clean, gentle and nice. They have a few tables outside in the lovely little yard which makes eating closer to nature and even more relaxing and tasteful. Their prices are reasonable but not cheap. The staff are cordial and attentive and the food is served without rush which makes going there a pleasure with anybody or alone. By the way don't let me forget to state that Ananda is also a coffee shop and even if you cannot make it there to eat maybe you may just drop by for some ice cream, tea/coffee or fresh juice.

Mr Ghaysari, the camera shy manager

Ananda is the center for the Iranian Vegetarian Society and has a shop where you can buy items such as spices, tofu, mixed and special teas, different types of soya, many Iranian herbal essences to drink as well as many natural foods that you may not find easily in many supermarkets.

Mr Nedaie, the head cook

The place is owned and managed by Mr Ghaysari and their delightful chief cook is Mr Nedaie. I asked permission to check their kitchen and I have a few pictures for you

Ananda is at 17, South Ekhtiyarieh on the corner of 10th Behestan St near Mokhaberat.
Tel. 22556767 and 22551352

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