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You never know what's going to happen next!

By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Painting by Nafiseh Atarisadigh Mahdavi

The spring is here and the sun has been shining non stop and, again, the state of the weather is talk of the town, as it is much too warm for this time of the year and many people have turned their coolers on.  Everybody wonders what the summer is going to be like and people have started to think about a water shortage then as we have really had rain only once since the beginning of spring and already the snows on the mountains have almost melted.  Maybe the rain will come and save us all from a true summer of hell.

Some of you may have been wondering how quiet I have been.  We were away in the UK for a few weeks with a busy schedule and since then my workload has doubled.  We have had some happy and sad social calls like visiting the elders in the family and our friends for the Iranian New Year, as well as paying our respects to our dear friends over the loss of their loved ones and other social engagements which have consumed all of my time. Life was getting back to normal when one day last week Paul called to say he was feeling unwell and said he was not going to meet me after work to go to an art exhibition.  So I decided to go straight home.

When I arrived, he said that he had pain in his chest and could not lie down.  I called my doctor (and my guardian angel) Dr Shahnaz Atabak and explained the symptoms. Immediately she said that I must take him to an emergency unit, he most probably has had a heart attack.  I did not have time to be surprised then yet I had not even dreamt of that!  It was almost a miracle that we got to the hospital in less than 20 minutes in the Tehran afternoon traffic.  We were expected and they started to take care of him and soon after placed him in Intensive Care.  He underwent an emergency angiogram at 11.00 p.m.  and I left him about one o'clock.  Paul, my darling husband, who has never smoked, is a very gentle and quiet person and had never been to a hospital as a patient in his life, had a small yet serious heart attack!  He has to take things easier for a bit but was allowed home after one night in the hospital.

Friends asked later if I want to take him back to the UK for treatment and check up.  I said "Never!"  We are sure that Paul is getting the best treatment he needs and thankfully all of his medication can be obtained easily here.  In the UK, with the state of the National Health he might have had to wait 3 months just to get an angiogram. He is now under care of one of Iran's top heart specialists Dr Ahmadieh and both of us are 120% happy with him and his treatment.

The one serious thing that worries me is that what would it be like if we could not afford all of this?

painting on plates, bazaart

The news is not all bad.  We have recently come to know a few wonderful ladies that like so many others are becoming successful and make me proud to see all this talent, they paint on textiles and porcelain, and the hand painted plates coming with matching placemats; you can have a look at the work they do at

painting on plates, bazaart

painting on textiles, bazaart

painting on plates, bazaart

The art scene recently has been rather mixed.  With the auctions in Dubai and in London of Iranian modern art, the prices have shot up such that many of the local art lovers are unable to satisfy their hunger for art works.  With such exorbitant prices we are wondering what to do.  Should we sell a few of our older and more valuable works in order to do what we have always done in the past 20 years and help and support the younger and unknown artists?  The funny point is that some of the new artists works are as expensively priced as the old masters and the price in art, like signatures on a petition among the literary figures in the past, has become the status symbol rather than the work of their creation or mastery itself.  There is a lot of marketing at large in this, one has to admit and it has created a lot of excitement in the Iranian art market.  This phenomenon so far has affected paintings with rare exceptions, but I am sure it will affect sculptures soon, as a new thing.  However where it may lead I don't know and to be quite honest I do not wish to know.  We have all seen the damage that speculation can do.  What we are sure of is that, like currency speculation, and the building boom which has ruined Tehran, it comes and it goes and some will win and some will lose, but then, as someone said, life is like that.

Painting by Shirina Ghandchi

Here are a few of the new artists' works that we have come across recently for your view, so that you decide for yourself!

Bazaart is at the Haft Samar Gallery, No. 25, 5th St., Kooh-e-Noor St., Motahari Ave. Tel: 88731403.  The exhibition will continue until 14th May

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