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U.S. peace activists in Iran


Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

TEHRAN, May. 10 (Mehr News Agency) -- Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, one of the first ten women rabbis in the history of Judaism, on Saturday visited the headquarters of Tehran Times newspaper and Mehr News Agency, heading a delegation of 21 peace activists.

The delegation includes people of Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, and Indigenous spiritual commitments from 11 different U.S. states.

The group arrived in Tehran on May 1 and will return home on Monday.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation delegation has so far visited Shiraz and Isfahan cities, and has met many Iranians, including members of the Jewish community, outgoing Jewish MP Morris Motamed, and the future Jewish MP Siamak Mursadeq.

"This is a time for finding common ground between our two nations, not threats. When our elected leaders choose belligerent rhetoric over dialogue, it is up to us as everyday Americans to serve as civilian diplomats," FOR Peace and Community website quoted Rabbi Gottlieb as saying on April 28.

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