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French Movie Star Alain Delon Cast as Roman Emperor in New Asterix film

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French Star and Movie Icon Alain Delon is part of the impressive Cast of the Third film on Asterix entitled: Asterix and the Olympic Games due in French theaters late January. The Role of Asterix is played by an excellent newcomer Clovis Cornillac and Obelix is played for a 3rd time by Gérard Depardieu the other French National Icon with Delon who is taking on the role of Caesar the Roman Emperor in a paraody of himself ( he is known for his talented yet particularly narcissistic and megalomania persona both on and off screen).

Interestingly Alain Delon whose stardom was at its pinnacle in the in the 1970's and has lasted for more than 50 years has been a role model to many Iranian film Stars of the Pahlavi Era, such as Behrouz Vossoughi. Probably for his good looks and onscreen charisma that rivaled with many Hollywood Stars of his time.

Ironically also Persians seem to also be good Friends to Asterix ( See My article :Nose To Nose with Immortal Guard ). They clearly appear in several Asterix Albums including Asterix Chez Rahazade.

Delon is a close friend and admiror of former Empress of Iran, Shahbanou Farah who he met at the highlight of his career and on Formal Occasions and the numerous State Visits of the Empress and her husband the Shah to France throughout their reign. 


Old Friends Alain Delon and Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi

Delon was also to Star in a Franco Soviet co-production film Tehran 43 in the early 90's which was to be shot in Iran but which was not possible due to the advent of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The Movie was finally shot on location in Samarkand, Paris and Moscow and released onscreen in 1980.

Delon greeted in Tehran by Iranian Star Behrouz Vossoughi early 1970's


Asterix and the Olympic Games is expected with great enthusiasm in France all the more that it is  is one of the most expensive French film productions to date, employing a European cast of French, German, Italian and Spanish Celebrities and Stars. It is based on the best-selling comic book adventures created by the late René Goscinny and his illustrator Albert Uderzo  about a small village which thanks to a Magic Potion that makes them invincible, bravely resists the Roman Invasion and whose hero's are the small but witty Asterix and the Fat, strong but very naïve Obelix.  Albert Uderzo continues the popular Franchise as both author and illustrator since René Goscinny death in 1977.


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Official Website of Alain Delon

Official Website of the New Asterix Movie

Official Website of Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's Asterix

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