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VISION FOR CHANGE: The Ambitious Agenda of Next U.S. Administration

By David N. Rahni, New York


With the landslide election of President-Elect Obama and the unprecedented democratically elected members of both Houses, a new era of fundamental CHANGE is ushered in.


The Americans, having endured some of the most tumultuous deterioration of their economy, civil rights, and reputation and credibility abroad in modern era, are once again looking forward to the future with much cautious anticipations. The newly elected Obama Administration and the new Congress, who came into Office by a combination of substantive and rhetorical agenda and loss of hope in the soon to be ousted current Republican administration, have generated immense expectations within not only the American people but also in every world citizen. After the celebratory euphoria subsides, we should realize there is no instantaneous easy solution for the lingering challenges faced by the nation and the world for that matter. That recognized, nonetheless, everyone expects certain key hallmark indicators, initiated by the new administrations that should in turn earn the trust and support of the people in order to steer the Nation in the right direction.    


President Obama has indeed reinvigorated a sense of optimism by having presented an ambitious set of promises to the populace, which requires a truly multi-jurisdictional approach, as led by a cadre of highly qualified and competent professionals, to tackle. This requires "No Drama Obama" to go far beyond the traditional constraints of selecting the prospective team of up to over 5,000 political appointees from the [democratic] party royals, or those who are usually appointed through nepotism or cronyism when an executive administrative change of guard occurs. The new administrative team is expected to have qualified public servants (Colon Powell and Robert Gates) who have served in the current administrations. The new administration should also reintegrate the tens of millions of immigrants and naturalized citizens who have remained on the sideline, especially since September 11. This rather diverse community bears some of the most talented and intellectually competent individuals who, against all odds, have contributed immensely toward making America and the world a better place.  And yet, their manifestly earned representation in federal civil positions, and political appointment, has remained dismal. After this election all Americans have once again embraced the flag and patriotism, principles that had in effect become the exclusive proprietary possessions of the republican neo-conservatives and religious ideologues to push their slogan of "You are either with us or against us."


A new sense of inspirational commitment and succinct community purpose to the American ideals has emanated as a "phoenix" out of the ashes of misery and failures of "W" administration. If President Obama is to fully earn the trust and sustain the unequivocal support of the majority of the Americans, it may still require the orderly criminal prosecutions of the Wall Street and government culprits that inflicted upon us painful wars and economic terrorism, An independent "Truth Commission" is the least expectation. The new administration must set a great number of advisory boards to assess the compliance of current polices by the codes of law, and to ensure after inauguration, Obama administration would not inadvertently be trapped and implement certain aspects of the current administration's excesses for which they then have got to be embarrassed for. The time and merit to go far beyond the rhetorical statement of "bipartisanship" and embrace a national spirit that does not get us bugged down, in NOW. In order to accomplish an integral number of his promises, a thorough examination of the ever expanding power of the Executive branch, presumably in contradiction with Article 2 of the Constitution, and the realignment of the ethical conducts of the Legislative branch to focus solely on effectuating change to improve quality of life for all, rather than party alliance or special interest groups, are MUST if the Americans were to take their government seriously.


About the author: David N. Rahni is a professor of chemistry and environmental science at Pace University, and adjunct professor of dermatology at New York Medical College (,

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