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Photos: Funeral of Iranian Singer Khaterh Parvaneh


Photos by Mehdi Ghasemi, ISNA

تشييع پيكر "خاطره پروانه" رديف‌دان و خواننده موسيقي ايراني

Mehr News Agency - Iranian traditional singer Khatereh Parvaneh died at 78 at her home in Tehran on Wednesday morning. She had been bedridden for almost a year after she broke her leg.

Parvaneh stated in her interview with Mehr News Agency in spring that she wished to give a concert along with other female singers this year to echo the message of Iran's desires for peace and friendship but she did not live long enough to fulfill her dream.

Khatereh Parvaneh was born in 1930 into an art appreciating family. Her father was a tailor and her mother was a singer from the Qajar era. When Khatereh was only 4, her mother died after suffering from tuberculosis.

Khatereh began her career with master musician Saba in 1957, and continued on to give concerts with masters Hassan Radmard, Hossein Dehlavi, Faramarz Payvar, and Ofelia Parto.

"I learned music as I grew with my mom's songs, so I internalized learning music. I spent all my childhood and adult life with music, and after I was married, my husband sensed my interest in music and encouraged me even more.

"I was teaching at Bani-Ahmad School in those years and used to sing the morning anthem for the children at school. I was later invited to record a song at a studio and that is where I met master Saba," she had said once.

She was collaborating with the Yaran band and entered the Fajr Music Festival several times.

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