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On Obama's Victory: History Being Made as the Better Half of America Wins!

By Reza Ansari


Barack Obama

Since its inception, America has always been a unique and amazing society. Its history has been marked by a constant battle between its better half and its worse half.


We all know about its worse half: the annihilation of Native Americans, slavery, racism, military interventions, overthrowing popular government in the developing countries, military adventurism, lunching destructive wars (Vietnam, Iraq), etc.


However, its dynamic potential for change and its quest for progress have caught the attention of many great thinkers outside its borders. In 1831 the French political thicker, Alexis de Tocqueville, traveled to America and was greatly impressed by American representative democratic system (Democracy in America, 2 volumes, 1835, 1840).  Likewise, as an investigative journalist, Karl Marx wrote extensively on the American Civil War. He was immensely touched by the American anti-slavery movement under Lincoln's leadership. In 1864 in his famous letter to Abraham Lincoln, Marx congratulated the American people for Lincoln's re-election victory by a large majority.


Rosa Parks

On November 4, America made history once again by generously embracing Barak Obama as its first African-American president. In this election more the 53% of Americans cast their votes for Obama (more than any other Democratic presidents since World War II with the exception of Lyndon Johnson in 1964 who gained the sympathy votes of the people after Kennedy's assassination). To better understand and appreciate the magnitude of what happened yesterday we should notice that it was only 53 years ago that Rosa Parks bravely refused to give up her seat on a public bus to make room for a white passenger and by doing so she ignited the Civil Right Movement. Prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which legally prohibited racial discrimination, African-Americans were treated like second class citizens. It is fair to say that in no other country in the world Obama's landslide victory would have been possible.


Let us cordially congratulate the American people for taking this gigantic step forward. Let us congratulate Barak Obama for his clear vision, his deep understanding of American society and how politics in the modern era works, and for running such a brilliant campaign.


Despite this great victory I am under no illusions that many of Obama's campaign promises will not be fulfilled because of the historical limitations of his political platform. More importantly, the system (or the worse half of America) will not let him do that. However, one great accomplishment of this election that nobody can take it away is that Obama's historic victory has already paved the way for all minorities especially for our children, as first generation Americans, to dream big because nothing is impossible.  Undoubtedly, without Barak Obama's consensus building approach and his inclusive and bridge building politics this "Bloodless Revolution" would have been impossible.


For the time being, however, let us enjoy the moment and celebrate this great victory!  Finally, after 8 years of disastrous policies of the Bush Administration a brighter future for all people around the world is on the horizon!

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